MrQuackers said

I Hate Coffee

I was a coffee drinker for many years. Everyone knows the stomach problems that coffee causes. This spring was particularly bad for viruses that affect the throat. I had to give up drinking coffee because I would sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. Anyways, tonight I decided to grab a quick coffee for a change. Within 10 minutes of drinking the coffee, eating a chocolate bar and a banana, I had thrown up. I think the problem is that they put too much coffee in when making it. You know there is a problem when no amount of sugar makes your drink sweet.

I find that things have gone much better with tea. I am now trying a higher caffeine version called mate which is quite good.

I also think the variety of teas provide a much more interesting day to day experience.

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nycoma said

coffees not supposed to be sweet. i like it black with a little sugar, sometimes without. coffee is not for everyone.

maybe get a latte instead?

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Lynxiebrat said

I never really got into drinking coffee every day. When I was a teenager (When coffee shops were popping up all over the place.) I would have some on a friday evening out with friends, but that was usually it. In my late teens early 20’s I noticed that after a while, my stomach would cramp up (Though would be ok if I used a instant powdered coffee, like from International House, I liked the Vanilla.) I thought it was the milk as I would cramp up when drinking alot of milk (Though if I stuck to 1 glass a day or with cereal, I was ok.) So I cut out the milk or would ask for whatever alternatives they had on hand, but nothing really worked.

But that was not a big deal, I would just drink Mountain Dew if I needed something with a bunch of caffeine before work. The last couple years though, I tried out Kroger’s Iced Coffee…1st the Vanilla, which I like and the Caramel (Which I crave!) So now every now and then I get a carton and it’s usually gone within 3 days. I’m cautiously open to trying out some other coffees, but I’m not counting on anything.

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AllanK said

Odds are there was nothing wrong with the coffee but it was probably your stomach that was the problem. If you have any number of digestive issues coffee can be hard to digest but for most people they have no problems with coffee.

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Babble said

I go back and forth. For a while I didn’t drink coffee but I find I drink it more when I’m in the working world and have to get up early.

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Rasseru said

I used to cane coffee, was into graphics & design so it was a daily & nightly routine. I gave up because i couldnt sleep. Now I cant even drink a cup of it without it giving me the serious uncomfortable jitters.

I find some tea doing that to me which is a shame, as I would love to drink tea all the time, but my body now has this awful reaction to caffeine.

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Max said

I overdosed on coffee once and since then I’ve been hypersensitive to it. I avoid it like the plague! Now all I drink is Coffee Leaf Tea (disclaimer: my own product) and the occasional oolong or green tea. I’ve never felt better and coffee seems so useless to me now. Why do I need insane amounts of energy for 20 minutes, then pass out? lol it just defeats its own purpose.

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Ke toan said

As far as I know, drinking 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day can help refresh your body flexible. However, regular use higher doses can be addictive, to increase the stress response, impaired immune system and increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease in people at high risk.

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