Kusmi Christmas Teas -- Discontinued green and black

Hello All -
I was a huge fan of the Kusmi Christmas Teas, especially their green Christmas tea. I just received confirmation from one of their sales reps that they are no longer making either of them, and are instead marketing the Tsarevna as a winter tea (I dislike that particular blend enormously) - Is there anyone out there who liked the Kusmi Christmas teas who knows a different tea that tastes the same? I’m seriously sad about this — would have bought them out back in the day had I known!

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I don’t know what the old Kusmi xmas teas were. What did they taste like/ what ingredients? I’ve been tasting a lot of xmas teas for the blog recently so I might be able to point you in the right direction <3

Fay said

They had almond, orange, rose, vanilla, and spices (like cinnamon and nutmeg) and either a black or green base, depending on which variation you had.

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Fay said

It’s been a while since I’ve had their regular Christmas tea, but in my tasting note I likened it to DAVID’s Tea’s Glitter and Gold. I’m afraid I’ve never had their Green Christmas Tea.

Thank you so much! I will look for the DAVID’s tea!

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Green Snowflake by leaf is very almondy but not spices. Looks like they havent started stoking their xmas tea yet https://thisisleaf.co.uk

Spiced Apple by BirdHouse Tea Co – Is lovely and spicey with strong almondy hints but doesnt contain tea. Again not 100% if its on their website yet.

Santas Helper by OTeas is black tea vanilla almond spices etc smells amazing but kind of thought it just tasted like black tea with cinnamon.

Thats all I’ve got! sorry!

thanks so much!

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Alisongrace, I’ve been wanting to try Kusmi Tsarevna, but cannot find it in any other but their largest sizes! If you bought some and want to get rid of it, I’d love to do a swap or purchase. You can PM me at bklynsheep on gmail.

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