t-curious said

Would like Sheng suggestions to purchase from Yunnan Sourcing

I started drinking puerh about a month ago. I’m starting to narrow down what I like. I like raw puerh best. I like a complex puerh that contains a balance of bitter and sweet notes. Unami/vegetal is OK and a little smoke is OK but not necessary.

In terms of body feel I’d like to find sheng that will keep me alert and focused at work but not tea drunk. OTOH, it would be nice to have a few kick-back-relax-hammer-you-in-the-head type teas for the weekend. :)

The upper end of my price range, until I’m more knowledgeable is around $150 for a 357g cake. Of course less is better. :)

Teas I’ve tried from Scott:

2006 LCGC “007” Jing Mai Mountain
2012 Lian Ge Zhai
2012 Spring Xi Kong
2016 Mengku Huang Shan
2016 Na Han Village

Of those I liked 2016 Na Han Village and 2006 LCGC 007 Jing Mai Mountain the best.

Thanks for any help.

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AllanK said

Try a few of the Yunnan Sourcing brand teas. They are generally very good. And he tests for pesticides since I believe 2013.

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Rasseru said

2015 Autumn ge deng
2015 Hai Lang Hao “you le”
2015 da qing gu shu

I like the same tastes as you & these I have liked. My sheng tasting skills have got better recently though, I need to revisit them.

I liked their LBZ as well, but the cakes are out of your price range

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t-curious said

Thanks all! With your help and Scott’s I’ve submitted my order.

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AllanK said

The 2014 Yunnan Sourcing Autumn Bing Dao is really incredible if you don’t mind spending a bit of money. Not as expensive as his 2016 Yunnan Sourcing Spring Bing Dao but really good.

t-curious said

Thanks! I’ll get a sample on my next order.

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