gnod85 said

"oolong or jasmine" tea @ Din Tai Fung

wow, so glad to find this forum!
I’m new to teas and wanted to see if anyone can help.

i recently ate at Din Tai Fung, a famous soup dumpling restaurant, and tried what they considered their “oolong or jasmine” tea. It was so simple, and robust, yet clean that i wanted to find out how to get something similar to it. The waiter couldn’t help so I’ve been searching online to see if anyone knows something similar to it. Has anyone been to Din Tai Fung (I went to the one in LA), and know which team i’m talking about? Thanks!

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acherno0 said

I’ve never been to Din Tai Fung… but I have tried a delicious oolong from Birch Fine Tea “QUANGZHOU MILK OOLONG” it reminds me of a tea I’ve tried in China Town in NYC! Hope this helps :)

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Excelsior said

Might be the Jasmine Pearl. You can find lots of retailers offering this tea online.

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I went to the westfield Arcadia one back in november and I think we requested the oolong. There’s three locations in LA, if I recall correctly. It might be a Dong Ding oolong, but I really don’t recall I thought it might have been a Big Red Robe. The front desk didn’t offer to sell you any tea? =D

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Ceradwen said

I’ve been to the Din Tai Fung in Seattle a bit. The oolong I have had there is Tie guan yin or Tie Quan Yin. It isn’t jasmine so it might not be what you are looking for. This one is very malty. The closest I’ve found (still looking) is Tao of Tea Strong Fire Oolong.
Years ago when I asked, they wouldn’t sell me the loose tea.

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