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drank Let It Snow by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

Day one; 2017 DavidsTea Advent Calendar

This is one way to get me restarted in writing tea notes. :D
3min/175*F, this tea is like a minty fruity tea. I know that it’s supposed to be a green tea, but there’s not really enough of actual tea present for me taste any tea, but either way I’m not going to increase the temperature incase it does scald the leaves. I am enjoying the mild mintiness, I go through phases with mint teas, but I do feel they are better suited for the summer than for the winter. I did do a semi rinse with some luke warm water to get whatever stevia off.
This tea is OK, I will probably mix it with some vanilla green tea to get more tea flavor and to add a touch of creaminess to it during the second steep. I don’t think I like it enough to go and buy more, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s on hand.

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drank Hoku by Lupicia
283 tasting notes

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Ehh… It was ok. I’m not sure why this milk oolong is so expensive but I guess that’s the DT markup. I got this one, sealed, through a buy/sell group.

The dried leaf smelled sort of rancid, honestly. I think like spoiled milk. The oolong curls opened up pretty quickly, within a few minute of 195F water, usually rolled oolongs take a long while to fully uncurl, but these leaves were relatively thin and petite.

The liquor color was a golden tan, without too much debris after decanting from the gravity steeper. The taste was unremarkable, a little milky, and drinkable but not amazing. I preferred teavivre for milk oolong, or may other tea vendors. Shrug. But it’s not horrible, I’ll finish the 2oz.

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

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drank Peach Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

I’ve been partaking in more straight, or at least unsweetened, if flavored, matcha for the past few weeks. Idk, felt like a sugar day so I went for this one.

My biggest peeve with this is that there’s always some sort of oily residue in my matcha maker afterwards, and it’s hard to clean out. But it’s a nicely flavored and not overwhelmingly sweet for flavored matcha

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I guess I have had this tea for that long. I just got my first tea art press by kamjove yesterday an was eager to try it out, but not so eager to figure/decide which tea I wanted, so I settled it this oldie but goodie. I really should be more versatile, I’m still getting the white2tea club but it’s starting to pile up because I lack the time.

208f,150ml/tuocha/steep x 12+
If you let the leaves rest between steeps, there’s more flavor and color to be had, but If you decant and steep right away, you need a longer steep time per steep


Funny… just drank the Temple Stairs mini-tuocha this morning before meditation. I usually do the rinse with boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds and then let sit for about a minute and smell as the aroma changes during that time. After that, I usually just do 2 to 1 minute steeps followed by one long steep at 5 to 10 minutes. If I’m in the mood for super rich and dark, I’ll do the rinse and then more boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. All depends on my mood. Thanks for writing up your experience with this.


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Junpana Organic, from goldenteatips (I believe they’ve since changed the company name)
first spring flush 2015, SFTGFOP1

I’m still going through these little packets! I awkwardly signed up for their annual teabox subscription wayy back when, and early in the process discovered that I was not the greatest fan of assam or pekoe.

This one is labeled as an oolong, from darjeeling, but it tastes like a lightly green black tea, isn’t that weird. It wasn’t my favorite, but maybe I just brewed it too long? I followed the directions, but I think I used to do darjeelings for 1-2 mins rather than 4-5. This probably deserves another try, but I’m in no rush.

If anyone actually wants these little packets, I’ll gladly sell them to you, most of them are sealed and I’m not doing anything with them except letting them get older.

Evol Ving Ness

Hope you find your sweet spot with these teas, Flyawaybirdie!

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drank Gingerbread by Adagio Teas
283 tasting notes

I found a little tin of this in my tea stash from wayy back near when I started on Steepster, which feels soo long ago! My sense of smell is diminished at the moment, please bare with me.

I was good enough for me to add a 3oz to my Adagio order, which finally pushed me into the free shipping zone. The spices were warm and not overwealming. I appreciated the dessert effect without any added sweetener. I haven’t had a gingerbread cookie in a long time, and this reminded me how different they are from snickerdoodles. :D

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drank Vanilla Swirl by DAVIDsTEA
283 tasting notes

I’ve actually been drinking tea all day and didn’t think to write any notes. My sense of smell is impaired by still getting over being sick though, so idk if my perceptions will change for this tea later or not.

This is the clearest tisane I have, I think. Most of them brew up red from hibiscus or kind of tan colored. This one tinted every so slightly to yellow, but barely. The most noticeable thing to to me is the artificial sugar. I might be completely wrong and there’s no artificial sugar, but it just straight up tastes like artificial sweetener in warm water, dashed with vanilla extract. And I accidentally licked some straight vanilla extract last week while making dessert, so I know. (lol, it was dripping down my hand and I didn’t stop to think about it first. It tasted like straight vokda. Gross.)

From what I could smell of the tisane, it does bare a striking resemblance to vanilla soft serve cones. I just can’t get over the yucky sugar at the moment.

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I get easily excited and tend to get into the habit of collecting things I get really really excited about- books, fountain pens, fragrance, tea and any number of things. Mostly I’m just really excitable.

My favorites are oolongs! Also high for me are greens and ripe pu’erh. But I do like most teas and I’ll try most anything at least once. I just don’t like rooibos, smokey, or banana flavored things.

My name is Christina, but there’s also another Christina with a cat as a profile picture, so I go by Flyawaybirdie.

Feel free to drop me a message anytime. I love messages/letters/etc.

NOTE!: My cupboard is not up to date. Not even close. But it does have a bunch of teas I have pretty substantial quantities of, so I put them in there anyways because I’m unlikely to run out soon. Also, if I wrote a note on it and didn’t include a TTB name or a sipdown note, I’m likely to still have some even if it’s not in my cupboard, so feel free to ask if you want to swap!


California, USA

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