270 Tasting Notes

drank Vanilla Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
270 tasting notes

Hmm. I’m not getting much of a vanilla taste or smell to this matcha. Much more like a coconut kinda taste, which may be from the coconut nectar they use as a sweetener? Hmm, I don’t know if I really like it, but I’ll drink it. lol

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drank Sunny Citrus by DAVIDsTEA
270 tasting notes

I was given this tea as a gift, which was a little bit of a bummer because I really wanted to try the chocolate cake tea, but this is what was available. It’s still a gift though and I’m grateful for it.

The smell when I opened the bag is like citrus punch in the nose. Like I walked into a cloud of Lemon Pledge. Uhhh… That definitely put me off. I used only one ‘perfect spoon’ and the lower end of the recommended steeping time (4 min). I don’t know why I originally thought that this was a black tea, but maybe the name is something I would call like a lemon orange black tea. :D Something bright to drink in the sunshine, but that’s not what this is. It’s an herbal, no caffeine, which is probably good with how close to bedtime it is now.

The taste is mildly tart, but it smells of vanilla/cream. Kind of like how lemonade is tart but sweet. It’s an interesting combo to the senses. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one yet.

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Revisiting this one because I had a little bit left and it’s a pretty old tea in my collection. I’d like to finish off all these bags of scraps. The flavor was faded from what I remember, but still solid. The caffeine in the black tea had me feeling like an easter bunny. Bouncy bouncy bouncy, or maybe a Tigger?

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I found this in the cupboard and tried it again. Yep, wayyyy too sweet, and in the artificial sweetness way. I ended up doing a cup of this, and a cup of ceremonial matcha, over ice. That makes it tolerable, but it’s still artificial sweetness. I have like 25oz now in my tumbler, so I’ll go through this cup, and maybe decide by the end of this whether to keep or dump the rest of it.

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I picked up four oz of this the other day, because coupon, but WHYYY. Maybe I didn’t put enough of it to really make a difference? I put in around 2tsp/12oz water and made it iced. It tasted ok-ish for first steep. Kind of a slighty sweet muddled fruits. I was expecting something a little more punchy. Really I kinda just wanted orange water. Second steep was a no go. I’ll try again, but I’m in no rush.

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I ordered probably tooo much tea when browsing their clearance, couple that with all the spending I’ve been doing at DavidsTea, I need a tea spending break.

This tea though! I made it iced and it’s like sweet but unsweeted coconut juice! Recently I tried Coco Colada and really disliked it because it tasted like coconut water, which can sometimes have that strange slightly sour potassium? taste. This is what I was looking for when I tried that tea! There’s not much else to say about it though? It’s really yummy and refreshing, but it’s also at first taste pretty one dimensional. I’m pretty tired though, so maybe I’ll rewrite this review later

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drank Coco Colada by DAVIDsTEA
270 tasting notes

I just tasted coconut, and only coconut water at that. I LOVE coconut, but I’m not the biggest fan of coconut water. It’s not a bad tea, just a PASS for me.

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This has been floating around in my ice tea press for the last day or so, I’m glad that it’s not one of those herbals that lose all flavor after the first steep. It reminds me of a less hibiscusy Passion tea (Tazo), but the ingredient profile doesn’t seem at all familiar, as far as I remember.

It’s good cold! I haven’t tried it hot yet, but this past week all I’ve been wanting is cold tea.

2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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So when I was first starting out in tea and really a little too eager, I bought 9oz of this online, untried, because it was 40% off the big bag. And then I tried it and really really disliked it. It just wasn’t my style. I didn’t know about DavidsTea’s return policies at the time so I kept it, and took the chance to offload some of it into every traveling teabox that came my way, so if you’ve seen this in a TTB in the last two year, that was probably me. I gave out most of it that way, so at this point I only have a tin or so left.

Now coming back with a bit more experience in tea, and some more budding experience in the way that DavidsTea specifically blends such teas, I don’t hate it anymore. Do I love it? Ehh, it’s still a bit too sweet for me, to be taken in small amounts. Hot, it’s definately too too sweet, but room temp or iced? Maybe I can actually drink the rest of this down. (I don’t regret giving away most of it though. Not at all. Haha) I’m learning to appreciate more these types of really sweet teas, not that I want to make it a habit.

The oolong in this is kind of mild, or maybe it’s just overwhelmed by all of the fruits and nuts in this mixture. I think I’ll experiment with adding in some other oolongs that I have on hand.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML
Evol Ving Ness

I initially really disliked this one too. Far too perfumed. Then someone suggested radically underleafing it and that seemed to do the trick. I still do not love it, but it makes the experience tolerable and at times, even enjoyable.

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I get easily excited and tend to get into the habit of collecting things I get really really excited about- books, fountain pens, fragrance, tea and any number of things. Mostly I’m just really excitable.

My favorites are oolongs! Also high for me are greens and ripe pu’erh. But I do like most teas and I’ll try most anything at least once. I just don’t like rooibos, smokey, or banana flavored things.

My name is Christina, but there’s also another Christina with a cat as a profile picture, so I go by Flyawaybirdie.

Feel free to drop me a message anytime. I love messages/letters/etc.

NOTE!: My cupboard is not up to date. Not even close. But it does have a bunch of teas I have pretty substantial quantities of, so I put them in there anyways because I’m unlikely to run out soon. Also, if I wrote a note on it and didn’t include a TTB name or a sipdown note, I’m likely to still have some even if it’s not in my cupboard, so feel free to ask if you want to swap!


California, USA

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