Kaylee said

Everlasting Teaware Kickstarter

I just backed this kickstarter and I’m hoping others will too. I have enjoyed this company’s teas in the past (the Ruby 18 is excellent). Now they’re expanding into unique teaware. I saw the teaware prototypes in person at the NYC Coffee and Tea Festival yesterday. They’re well-made and thoughtfully designed. I really want this to get fully funded so I can get my mug and teapot! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/656635827/everlasting-teaware-alpha-series

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That’s a bad-ass looking teapot!

Do they mention anything about the clay besides?

“Clay Type – Taiwanese Stoneware – there is NO heavy metal leeching in the clay we use and no toxins used in the process so rest assured!”

Kaylee said

Sadly, no more detail about the clay than that. I don’t recall being told any more detail either, though I’m not sure I asked.

Cwyn said

Taiwanese stoneware is excellent.

I wish the Alpha Solo pot was truly solo. 200ml is just way too big for me to gongfu. This is like clay for western steeping or maybe doing grandpa. That and for workplace tea I would want a vessel that can steep more than one type of tea (though it would work great for people who drink the same tea at work).

Annoyingly, the high roller share pot is smaller (by 20ml).

Kaylee said

I like the mug-size pot because it’s basically a clay version of how I brew at work now. I don’t really have the ability to gong fu in a small pot at work, so I use a glass teapot that my partner’s mom brought back from China. I have not measured it but it makes one mug’s worth of tea. I would keep using that for flavored teas and dedicate this clay pot for unflavored greens.

AllanK said

I like the design but wonder why the one pot doesn’t have a lid. And like Oolong Owl said it is too big for gongfu at 200ml. I do sometimes brew black tea in a vessel this size when I am only expecting to steep it four times but for puerh I generally want something smaller. I do think he has a winning design in the looks department. The question is how well does his design brew tea.

Kaylee said

I agree, a lid would be nice. His explanation for not having one is that he wanted something that would be work-friendly and lids tend to break. Personally, I have yet to break a lid at work. That said, I recently purchased a lidless kyusu from Yunomi and it has been working nicely so I am willing to give this a try.

I don’t really drink pu so I didn’t think about whether this would be a good match for that type of tea. I drink a lot of greens and oolongs, which I tend to steep gong fu style in larger pots than a lot of Steepster folks seem to prefer.

AllanK said

I think with greens in particular you are not steeping it as many times as puerhs. If I brew a green gongfu style a bigger pot is ok because I am probably only steeping it three or four times. With puerh my standard is anywhere between 10 and 14 times. That is just a bit too much tea when you are using a bigger pot. The biggest pot I tend to use for puerh is 160ml solid silver from Yunnan Sourcing. It was about the smallest one they had at the time.

Ken said

Yeah I was wondering about the lid thing as well, with oolongs and Pu’s you really dont want to be losing that much heat.

Ken said

That being said, it probably brews wonderful greens and whites!

But clay interaction with green tea?

Most say to not bother. The seasoning effects are not enough to make a difference or unpleasant.

I also argue against white tea. I boil white teas – I think that is the most optimal temperature for most whites. I want that heat retention to pull out that strong honey flavor. My white tea yixing pot is a thick, ripping hot and it does amazing things to whites.

Ken said

Kyushu’s are unglazed clay and sencha is a green, its just steamed instead of fried. And its delicous in a kyushu and some of them dont have lids, design thing I gues.

As for whites, really boiling water? I usually do white at 190 for new whites and 205 for aged? you recomend full boil? And in a yixing? Ill have to try it

AllanK said

This does look interesting but I am always wary of these kickstarter campaigns. There was recently an update to a thread about another tea kickstarter where I guess everyone lost all their money.

LuckyMe said

Eh, not a fan of the design. The clay looks rather dull and rough, and like others mentioned, where is the lid? The design isn’t terribly innovative either… there are quite a few pieces of attractive teaware on Taiwan Tea Crafts with a similar look and function.

I’m just seeing this. This is Sammy, owner of Everlasting Teas. I just posted on here about our kickstarter, and you already beat me to the punch. haha
Thanks kaylee for posting and backing!

Thanks to all of you who have voiced your thoughts on this thread! (some good and even some harsh! I like honesty so that’s great )

Especially with serious tea drinkers as most of you are, these are all valid questions and comments. I will try to give you my humble response to these.


well, in a perfect world, yea I guess there would be a lid. Do you lose some heat? yea of course a little. Does it affect the taste all that much? I don’t think so.

And remember, the initial vision was to create a simple, yet functional set for the workplace. Most of you would never break the lid at work cause you are super duper careful but ya know the drill….it does happen to quite a few people.
So for me, i would never usually use a pot without a lid, but I wanted to make brewing loose leaf available to all.
And after testing it over the past year, I have come to actually enjoy using this pot with no lid for two reasons:
1. I enjoy the aromas that come up while brewing. I’m a daily baozhong drinker and for those of you who know the aromas of baozhong, having no lid only heightens my experience and hasn’t changed the taste at all.
2. no lid does make it easier, both the pouring and rinsing/cleaning and so for in a work environment, i found it to work great.


Is it innovative? not really, but what teaware these days is really innovative? most yixing pots look fairly similar. Our vision was to blend traditional and modern so we used both curves and straight edges in our design. We also wanted it to be minimal enough for all levels of tea experience and keep everything raw. Inside is a bit more rough than the oustide. The outside is actually smooth but not glazed because we just used a brush to polish. I fell in love with the natural raw stoneware color and wanted to use this for the design. I wanted the colors to change over time aligned with each person and their brewing styles.


Our stoneware is fired at very high temperatures so it is able to brew any type of tea without the clay absorbing much over time like other clays fired at lower temperatures.
Our partners have high standards for the clay we use and like previously stated, no metal leeching or toxins are used. If anyone has any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

For multiple brews, it still works great. We wanted a size that spoke to both the share crowd and the solo crowd. It’s not too small so that a person can’t have it in the mug, but it’s not too big so now that same person can steep at least three mugs. For the share crowd, it’s the perfect size to share with friends. You could definitely get 5 or more brews of a good tea (obviously depending on amount of tea and temp), which would yield 5 rounds for you and your friends. (perfect for a work meeting or having company over)

@allanK I totally understand people’s worries about some kickstarter campaigns and sorry you have had a bad experience. I’ve backed many and have had great experiences with most. Some do delay but I’ve always gotten the product. You will have no worries with our project at all! I’ve been working with our partners for the past year, visiting the pottery house and we are ready to get these into production. No one will lose their money without getting the teaware!

Any other questions let me know. And thanks for all your comments! appreciate them all!

I just purchased the Alpha Solo. :)

I love the design and the fact that it is stoneware. For me a lid would just be one more thing to keep track of while I am working.

Thanks so much!
See, there are some who don’t want a lid at work! :)

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