Book Club - 2nd Steep "Death by Darjeeling" by Laura Childs

Welcome! The 2nd Steep Book Club – open to any and all – will be reading “Death by Darjeeling,” a Tea Shop Mystery novel by Laura Childs.

Laura Childs has written over 10 of these books in the series, about a small town tea shop owner who has a knack for finding herself amidst mysteries.

I couldn’t find any reading guides, but this book is relatively short so perhaps we can just read the whole thing and then discuss? How else to handle – suggestions?

Special Treat: the end of the Tea Shop Mysteries include a recipe from the master baker at the tea shop. Purely optional, participants can whip up the treat as a reward for completing the book – and we’ll review the recipe, and its tea pairings, too.

Happy Reading!

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teawing said

Thanks for taking the lead on this, reading through the whole book and discussing it and the recipe sounds good to me!

Looking forward to it!

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I’ll have to see where I can pick this up….sounds fun!!

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Cattibrie said

I have been reading her scrapbooking series on my Kobo so I will see if I can get it on there are read it. How long do we have to read it? I’ve never done a book club but it sounds interesting and it will be great to try a new book series.

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My copy should hopefully arrive tomorrow! I think reading it then discussing it sounds fine. :)

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Picked up my copy tonight….looks life a fun read.

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Laura Childs sure likes to toss around big words. I’m hoping that she cools it a bit as it makes her writing seem stiff. (And, someone, please tell me that she’s not going to hold Theodosia up as a holier-than-thou protagonist!)

I didn’t realize that the recipe was for marbled eggs. As much as I’d love to try a new recipe, the eggs part is a no-go for me. (I only eat eggs if they’re mixed into cookies.) I will make them for my family, though, and report on their reception! :)

Let’s wait on the recipe – I thought it was for a cake or something. (I bet I saw Marbled and thought cake…)

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@QuiltGuppy: once the series gets started, her style does tone it down.

OK guys, how long do you want to take to read? A couple weeks? All of May? And let’s find another recipe to try…or we can try to read another book in the series. I’ve read about five of them…

Please let me know what you think! :)

Some of the scones that are made in her shop sound wonderful!

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I would really prefer to make this a couple of weeks kind of club. Last night I read through five chapters and I worry that if it were a month off, I may forget things that I wanted to talk about. I think it would be interesting to make notes as we read through, too, so the thread’s not silent while we wait. I’m curious what’s going through everyone’s mind right now. (I know some people haven’t yet received the book.)

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teawing said

I am on Chapter 15.

I like the idea of commenting as we go, as necessary or desired. No pressure.
Then at the end, a good summary discussion.

I am enjoying the book. I agree, the scones and cream make me wish for a bakery as I read and the preservation/heritage tourism/real estate development story line is where I live and work. The author has done her homework and it would be interesting to talk to her about how she gathered all this detail, especially Charleston SC.

It reminds me a little of “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks. I had present work, career, and undergrad/grad school flashbacks while reading that one.

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Sure, let’s make notes as we read (or in my case, re-read) through. :)

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