Calling all Vahdam Tea lovers!

Hello, hello!

If you have tasted and loved Vahdam Teas then please comment below! We have a STAR-ry surprise for you.

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AllanK said

I really liked the teas I got in my first order. I noticed you now have more first flush teas available and put in a second order just a few minutes ago. I also really like that you ship by Fedex. If you ship Tomorrow I would expect to have my teas by Friday at the latest.

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Ken said

I just put in my first order with them a little over a week ago, and got the tea quickly, as in I already have it. Im looking forward to placing another order soon to get full size quantity on some of their first flushes. I’m starting to get the hang of brewing the first flushes thanks to some good advice. So far their tea is very good!

Reviews on some more of your tea’s coming shortly!

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Sqt said

I ordered some Darjeelings with you last time around and was very happy with the tea. Will order some of this year’s FF in the coming week. New to the site but will post some reviews when the FF arrives.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to your reviews.

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Nicole said

I love your Assam blends. i order Exotic a couple of times a year. Wish Signature Malt would come back!

Thanks for your interest. I will surely let the concerned team know of your request.

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I have not tried your tea yet; however, I see you have a sale going on and I am in need of some good malty breakfast tea…

You better rush, the sale is the best time to stock up on some fine teas. And it ends soon! See you there!

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I’ve been through a few of your FF teas, and they are pleasant. I’ve been enjoying my time steeping and tasting.

Thank you! It is always great to hear that.

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I have purchased, added, and reviewed quite a few of your teas recently. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality. It’s now iced tea season and I drink your tea everyday! I have never had a smoother more refreshing iced assam. and I have gone through kilos upon kilos over the years.

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dfafjf said

Just picked up your sampler from Amazon and have tried two so far. Looking forward to going through the rest of them. Thanks!

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