MrQuackers said

David's Tea Ups Prices / Changes Rewards

David’s tea has just increased the price of Matcha by a whopping 20%.

The price of other teas has increased as well.

Matcha will no longer be a reward in the frequent steeper program, as the max price is set for $19 dollars for 50 grams.

The price of buying a cup of tea has gone from $3.50 to 4.70?

Unfortunately, the company profits have bot being doing well (perhaps due to poor customer service and high tea prices along) which explains why they are upping prices even further.

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Arby said

I’m disappointed I can’t get ceremonial grade matcha as my free tea reward now. I like some of what they have been coming out with recently, but I wish they would improve customer service and lower their prices. It’s getting ridiculous.

I heard many people are upset over the price increase, I just look at it as an opportunity to try new vendors out.

I would rather support small business anyway, many of the companies on here are run by really nice people who pride themselves in sourcing the best tea they can. Just like I would rather go to a local shop for a cup of coffee over giving Starbucks any more money.

Nice answer! I agree completely – and not just because I’m a small business. I have always preferred to buy from the small business rather than the big corporations because I’ve noticed (generally speaking) that the big corporations put their shareholders first while the small company will put their customer first.

evevvren said

I agree with Snielson!! I have been avoiding David’s for a while now.. specifically because I can’t stand most of their fruity teas or teas with added flavour. Will happily take recommendations for small Canadian tea companies that I can buy from! I’m located in Montreal if anybody knows of great places to get tea! Affordability is a plus. :)

Shade said is a decent little spot based out of London, Ontario. They have more in the way of straight teas than DT and, being a small Canadian shop, I’m happy to give them my support. :)

oasis said

Citizen Tea and Capital Tea (make sure you’re on the Canadian site) are two I’ve used.

oasis said

Davids Tea had a bad year financially last year. Lots of discounting of merchandise. Not surprised they raised prices and changed their loyalty program.

Hoálatha said

Matcha is all I buy from them, so that’s going to be an issue…

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