Liesah said

Gong Fu set


Just curious:

Where did you buy your Gong Fu set?
How much did you pay for it?

I’m looking to buy my own set and I want to know what my budget should be :).

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Psyck said

I did not buy an entire set at a time, but rather bought each individual component separately. You can check in common teaware sites like these to get an idea of how much they should cost:

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Rob said

This is a broad topic and the budget can be anything you want. You can brew up excellent tea using existing items in your home (i.e. zero budget), or spend as much as you desire. I have a lot of teaware, but time and again I go back to a porcelain gaiwan or a small glass teapot. Both are very affordable. Taiwan Tea Crafts have a range of teaware, so you can pick and chose the volume capacity that suits you.

See here for example:

The budget will also depend on how many cups you want, include smelling cups or not, and how large the pot. You can probably get a comprehensive set together in porcelain for $60. In glass, maybe $45-50. I’d say this is the sort of budget to spend as a starter kit.

Cheers, Rob

Psyck said

Yes, I would consider a porcelain set to be the most basic and essential teaware that can be used to brew all kinds of teas.

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Yunnan Sourcing has a massive variety

Bitterleaf has a fantastic curated selection

Crimson Lotus is very nice as well

I have a good bit of tea-ware from all of these vendors, and I make tea trays so I don’t need to buy one of those.

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Brian said

i bought my beginner full set off of Amazon. I have since replaced things one by one separately.

Psyck said

Yeah, marketplaces like AliExpress/Amazon/eBay/Etsy/etc. have a limitless array of teaware that one can spend ages perusing – as compared to the limited curated selections in dedicated tea shops.

Brian said

however, my amazon set was pretty cheaply made, but i still use a couple pieces from it. :-P

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I bought my set from Verdant Tea – it was a build your own deal. I got a gaiwan, fairness pitcher, tea strainer and cup for about $40, I think. I bought my tray elsewhere from Music City Tea for about $20.

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Dr Jim said

I bought my gaiwans from Chawangshop along with a tea order. I love them, but you need to be aware that the added postage cost effectively doubled the cost of the teaware. I recently bought some cups from and thought their price/quality and service were very good.

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