Loving white tea right now

I tried one a short while back that I didn’t find great (seemed too weak/subtle for me) but it made me curious about white teas.

My spouse bought me a sample of each of those offered at Imperial Tea Garden and I’ve been working my way through them.

So far some are okay/good and some, one especially, has been awesome.

I tend to go for heavier teas but these have so grabbed my interest and tastebuds! Am sipping the Pai Mu Tan from there and, while it’s not a favorite of the group, it’s quite tasty.

I’m surprised at the range of flavors and strengths I’ve been getting in white tea, after that first introduction that wasn’t much. Wow!

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Uniquity said

We have one pure white in our collection and it has yet to be sampled. Other than that, I’ve only had flavoured whites (which I enjoyed, but not enough for the cost). I also don’t steep them at the recommended lengths yet, which should be a factor. Glad to hear you’re enjoying them, though!

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whites are hit and for me to. They do however, make up a fair chunk of my favourites pile!

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