Tea pages not displaying properly

Is anyone else having this problem? I go to post a note and I get a weird display that takes up the entire page. When I try to post, I’m taken to the sign in screen. That takes me back to the tea page, where I try to post and I get the sign in screen again. It’s an infinite loop.

This has been going on since this morning in both chrome and IE.

This is the affected page: https://steepster.com/teas/the-tao-of-tea/10624-green-kukicha-organic-green-tea

Not all pages seem to be affected.

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Is it still displaying weird for you? I’m able to view it just fine.

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It’s back to normal now. As is the 52 Teas Chocolate Cheesecake Chai page. How very strange.

However, this one still isn’t.


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Rasseru said

Yes, I had this. Jason said it’s something Google does occasionally because it messes up what traffic is what, thinking we are mobile when we are on pc or something.

He said he might be able to do something about it

I sent a note to support, but I sent it on a page that no longer has the problem. Do you know whether there’s a master switch that can fix this for all affected pages, or do they have to be reported page by page?

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TreeGal said

Yes, I’ve been having that problem for a few days. As you say, it’s not all pages, just some. And sometimes one will be fixed and then the problem will be on a different tea.

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