Enoky said

Does anyone else get a green tea high?

Sometimes when I drink a higher quality green tea (like gyokuro or DragonWell Supreme), I get a very high feeling.

Now I don’t mean that it is relaxing and that I like the tea and it’s a nice day and wow this is good tea.

I mean a very distinct high feeling comes over me… Like I have taken a drug (I have never used recreational drugs.)

Does anyone else get this high?

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Simple said

I can relate, I used to fill my mind & body with all sorts of powerful “distractions” but since I quit doing that, I can enjoy the subtle influences of Chamomile, Yerba Maté, Oolong, White teas and Tulsi. Those are the ones that really effect my consciousness…and are good for you.

A healthy habit – drinking tea is.

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Tamara Fox said

Only if I drink too much of it…six or seven cups ;)

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I find that the caffeine sometimes hits me in a bad way with Green tea. There are certain greens that I avoid because of it…
Only coffee has the same effect on me!
or multiple cups of tea (not brewed from the same leaves)

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Enoky said

I think this is different than the nauseous, yucky feeling I get if I oversteep the tea and get too much caffeine from it.

This is more a pleasant, relaxing (euphoric?) feeling. It is very similar to the feeling I get after meditating for an hour or two.

Stephanie said

The theanine in green tea produces the calm, yet alert, sense of well-being feeling. It’s a very beneficial, healthy “high”. :)

I agree with Stephanie. My guess would be that the theanine in tea may be the culprit here.

I hear you on comparing the feeling of drinking lots of green tea to meditating. I don’t often meditate, nor do I meditate for hours when I do, but when I do it seems to have a similar effect. I find that my daily yoga practice, drinking green tea in the morning and afternoon, getting a good nights rest (7-8 hrs), regular exercise, and eating healthy all seem to have a very positive, calming effect on me all throughout the day (btw, I believe the research show that the theanine derived from drinking tea stays in you body for something like five to nine hours; that’s why I drink it in the morning, and in the afternoon, to keep it in my body all day long.).

I’ve done lots of research on the presence of theanine in green tea and its effects (or professed effects) on the human body. I dug up a few articles from my previous findings (a few links sadly, don’t exist anymore). Here are a few (below). I have lots more if you are interested (I’ll follow you. then you can e-mail me a private message if you want any more info).

Needless to say, I am sold on the benefits of theanine in green tea. I have personally experienced its calming effect on me (although, I’ve not felt the ‘high’ as you have described, I can tell you I’ve had runners high before, and it’s not like drinking lots of green tea!).

Hail to the green leaf!


david said

to summarize SimpliciTEA. the caffeine combined with theanine and all the other health benefits = urban harmony in a cup.

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ah I get that from mate sometimes, very rarely from any other type.
and two hours??? wow, I can only get to meditating after yoga, and only for maybe 10 min during savasana, 15 if I push it

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Perhaps if you stopped lacing your tea with crack you would not have this issue, I can relate although it feels more like I’ve laced mine with speed. There is a sort of high but if I’m not careful my mind will start to race, then I can’t focus and I become agitated, I imagine what coming off of a high would feel like.

Then again it is quite possible that you need to share your “leaves” with the rest of the class. :)

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Green tea gives me craaaaazy dreams. I’ve stopped drinking it before bed because I experimented with it and realized that for sure it was the green tea I was drinking before bed giving me insane nightmares. I even googled and found other people had experienced the same.

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But then now that I think of it.. since I’ve started drinking better quality greens and steeping for the correct time and using correct temps…
I’m not experiencing bad dreams. And there have been a few times I drank the tea before bed. Haven’t thought about that for a while. Interesting.

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Annie said

I found this to be true for sure. This has happened for me with sencha and gyokuro, in my opinion it’s definitely the theanine. I have a lot of anxiety and when I drink these teas I can feel my body let go of its tension, and I feel… different.
The first time I drank sencha I was a little concerned because it actually felt like I was high, though still very functional and happy. Quite an experience!

I drink gyokuro every day now :D

The same applies to me. It has to be the theanine. If I drink too much I get really High, almost like the same high from weed.. Only difference is I don’t get lazy..

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Yes – I do as well when drinking a high quality shade grown green tea. I assume it’s the theanine and caffeine content – they are great for a boost!

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