Back After Long Absence


I used Steepster a TON back around 2013/2014. Life happened, stopped drinking tea, moved on, ya know.

It’s become more of a habit for me lately, and I missed this wonderful community. So glad it still seems to be thriving!

So: What have I missed? And what’s the latest in tea news that I need to catch up on? :)
Tea recommendations are also welcome, as my palate has changed! Let me know what’s good :)

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mrmopar said

Welcome back! Loads of new stuff so I would just explore around a bit.

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Welcome back : )

Depending on who you asked… maybe you missed a little or you missed a lot. Sadly, you missed out on some French Toast Dianhong and Rummy Pu :p

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Seems like tea options may have expanded a bit but I’m not sure that tea culture has changed all that much. Facebook tea groups are a bit more common now, and that seems to let people separate into sub-groups better. I’m all over the map as far as what I’m drinking and it would be hard to narrow that down. Maybe trying teas from Nepal, Vietnam, or Indonesia would make sense; there are lots more options from those places available now. Or really just Chinese teas are enough, diverse and nice.

Are there any FB groups that are particularly good?

looseTman said

What’s wrong with us? ;-)

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LuckyMe said

Welcome! The site is indeed alive but over the years users have shifted to other platforms as John noted. There’s a pretty bustling tea scene on social media sites like Instagram. Many Steepsterites are very active on IG:

There’s also a lot of activity on Reddit at The main difference between Reddit and Steepster is the former has a greater number of casual tea drinkers while the folks here are more hardcore tea drinkers.

The heart of Steepster is its tea review platform and this is the area where you’ll find the most activity on this site.

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looseTman said

Welcome back! It’s great to see your smiling face!
How has your palate changed? What do you enjoy now?

Reading back over my tasting notes from when I was in college I’m laughing a little at things like “I hate bergamot”… yeah, I love it now. I’m also way less picky than I used to be – give me straight tea, give me blends, as long as it tastes good, I’m happy.

I can’t really do much caffeine anymore, though, so I’ve shifted away from blacks much of the time, which is disappointing!

t-curious said

I’m caffeine sensitive myself. I can’t drink much decaf coffee or black tea but I can drink sheng puer most of the work day.

looseTman said

One list of possibilities:

If you enjoy black tea but would prefer less caffeine, Shou / ripe pu-erh may be a possibility. TeaVivre for example, has some shou they list as having less caffeine:

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Sil select said

welcome back!

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Welcome back! :)

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Welcome back! I’m newly back myself (well, as of about 2 months ago when I came back after being away for about a year).

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