TreeGal said

Flavored teas without sugar/sweetener in the mix

I enjoy drinking flavored teas most of the time (black, green, white, oolong). However, so many of them are blended with sugar, artificial sweeteners, or even candies in them, and I’m really trying to avoid those. I do my own research of course, but I was wondering if anyone had some true loves that fit this bill. I love most fruit flavors, some spices – don’t care for hibiscus unless it’s in a tiny, tiny amount. (I am also open to herbal/tisanes, too, if anyone has suggestions there!) Thanks for any suggestions!

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I have not tried them but flavored matchas from Matcha Outlet are quite popular. They use ‘natural flavors’.

David’s Tea Blueberry Jam is another popular one that uses stevia.

Most other unsweetened ones are herbals that I know of.

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Dexter said

This is one of my current favorite fruity flavored teas.
Ingredients: formosa oolong tea, dried peach, persian pistachio, white chocolate, rose petals, flavoring

Citizen Tea is pretty good for flavored teas without a lot of sugar, candy etc. Here is just one example – Green tea, strawberry slices, red currants, flavouring.

Lupicia has amazing fruit flavored or scented tea, but I don’t see ingredient lists on the site so I’m not sure how that would fit your request. This is one of my favorites.

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