Gitana said

Ooh! Grandpa!

I was rummaging in the cupboard and found a packet with a few grams of milk oolong in it. I did not have enough for a western style cup full of tea so I decided to brew it “grandpa” style. I have never done that before but the tea came out so yummy!
What other styles of tea will taste good “grandpa” style?
That will be a great technique for summer. I already have my tea shipment on the way but I can make a summer shopping list now.

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LuckyMe said

Lots of options for grandpa style. As you discovered, flavored teas like milk oolong do well grandpa style as do flower scented teas like jasmine.

I also like to grandpa steep yanchas, baozhong, and some types of black tea. Some green teas such as dragonwell work too but I find long steep times tend to bring out bitterness and gives greens a stewed taste.

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TeaLife.HK said

Pu erh is very commonly brewed grandpa style! Even the tribes that traditionally drink pu erh maocha boil it up to drink it vs modern gongfu style

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It isn’t uncommon to hear of pu’er being prepared grandpa style but I personally don’t care for sheng made that way, although for me it works for shou. I wouldn’t use it for wuyi yancha either. I don’t like the results; it’s not predictable what’s going to work well, and the match really ties to preference. Even though it’s probably most often used for green teas in china I don’t drink lots of those in general, and would probably want to limit infusion time for them, so not for that either.

All so negative! It works well for milder black teas (dian hong and such, not so much for CTC versions), lighter rolled oolongs (probably the second-most category brewed that way in China, at a guess), white teas (although the best versions I’d probably Gongfu brew to control parameters), and dan cong. Again for that last one for the best quality versions I wouldn’t use it, but it does work really well for the type (as does cold brewing, a completely different subject). Shou mei works really well made that way, a compressed white tea, at least per typical presentation, which is often aged. It can’t really get too strong, at least not without going way overboard on proportion, and it works well across a range of preparations. Some shou mei versions aspects start a bit towards a lighter version of coffee when brewed stronger than is typical, which is still nice.

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Teasenz said

I mainly love to steep delicate green and black teas grandpa style. I guess it’s because I mainly drink them for the aroma. With oolong and pu erh, gongfu style works better for me, because it draws out the complexity and texture/thickness better in my opinion.

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Ken said

Dragonwell and a few other greens are traditionally drank grandpa style. Shou puerh is also often done grandpa as well, but I feel it gets a bit dark and dirty for my taste when done like that.

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