Lindsayp said

BPA free electric kettles


I’ve recently really got into tea and I went out and bought the Breville BKE820XL and then reading up online I found out that the plastic isn’t BPA free. I can’t find any conclusive answers about which kettles are BPA free, I’ve been looking at the Cuisinart Perfect Temp, Pino Digital Kettle Pro, and Chef’s Choice 688 Smart Kettle.

Supposedly the Cuisinart’s pouring spout does contain BPA and the Pino’s lid is made from plastic but is suppose to be BPA free and I can’t find any info on the Chef’s Choice. I’m at my wits end trying to find something that works for me, does anybody have any input on these or other electric kettles that are BPA free? Should I just stick with the Breville? I definitely want the variable temp feature.


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Geoffrey said

I’ve also looked far and wide for an electric kettle that heats water with zero plastic contact. A tea guy in my area, Garret of Mandala Tea, has worked hard to source something meeting these requirements for his shop. He recently emailed me with word of just such a kettle he is testing before making the decision to carry it. Here is a link to the mentioned kettle on the manufacturer’s website:

Kalorik Jug Kettle with Digital Temperature

I haven’t heard any follow up on the results of his test use, but it looks promising. Otherwise, if you’d have any interest in a smaller and simpler zero-plastic alternative, Garret currently carries this one (which I have my eye on):

Kamjove Stainless Electric Kettle

I’ve yet to use either of these myself, but they look like a couple of the best available options if absolutely-positively-BPA-free is an important concern for you. In any case, I wish you the best finding something that works for you. From what I’ve seen there aren’t a lot of zero-plastic options out there, because almost all of these kettles insist on including a plastic water level window, which for my uses is an unnecessary feature. Unfortunate.

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Garret said

Hi!! The kalorik jug is a pain for the way most of us enjoy doing tea. It is bulky and does not pour well. And did I mention loud? There is another sample from another company on the way, a 32 ounce kettle, no plastic (they say, we will see) and I’ll give that the go over.

Otherwise, the Kamjove kettle above is pretty good, but I am going to check into other options, both with Kamjove and some others. Dang, do I have to manufacture one myself to get what I want? Seriously. I will keep everybody posted. In the meantime, I’ve got another case of Kamjove stainless steel kettles on the way from China. We will find something we can all love! My best to all, Garret

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No additional suggestions, but I’ve had the Pino Digital Kettle Pro for nearly a year and I love it.

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Kay Kanada said

Darn it! I had someone managed never to think about that when it comes to my kettle. Now, I’ll never be able to look at my tea the same way again… Although, that does give me an nice incentive to buy the metal stovetop one I’ve had my eye on for a while. Thanks, Lindsayp!

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Today the TV program America’s Test Kitchen featured ratings on Adjustable Electric Kettles… and I had remembered a part of this thread and thought I would share. There is a video as well as written ratings:
I had a Kamjove that lasted a few years until someone at my office walked off with it… I think Garret (Mandala Tea) has a great package deal on the Zojirushi with Teas, and Teaware called “The Happy Family” :

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Irena said

I am new to this site. I found it while was searching for BPA-free programmable kettle.
Alexander, thank you for the info about Zojirushi. I’d contacted them with a question about BPA content. Here is their response:

“Greetings, Irena!!

There is no bpa in any of the zojirushi water heaters, rest assured. It was the first thing we checked when we began using them at home and tea shop.

Thank you for the inquiry!

May the best of health be yours,

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Garret said

Hi friends! Just a note to let you know that I am trying like mad to find kettles that can satisfy us as both tea freaks and health freaks at the same time :) In the last month, I have tested and checked out kettles from several manufacturers to no avail. I love the Zojirushi kettles, but appreciate that there are some people who absolutely want a stainless kettle without a non-stick coating and folks who desire that their water comes in no contact with plastic of any kind.

It’s costing me a pretty penny to have all these dang kettles shipped to me from various manufacturers who tell me there’s no plastic only to receive them and find that there is! Dang. Well… luckily every company has accepted my returns and I’ll get my money back eventually.

For now, I have ordered yet another couple of cases of Kamjove stainless kettles -electric. I like the pour for even the smallest of yixing pots as it is easily directed through the longer spout. The new cases should arrive in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

I have even tested some other all stainless steel temp control kettles, but have not been at all happy enough with them to bring them into my store. Some of them are so loud it sounds as though a train is gonna burst through the wall at any second. No good for peaceful tea sharing….

I am going to keep trying to source a great kettle and have spoken with a couple of manufacturer’s about our “demands” in hopes that I can work with them in developing a kettle that we can all be excited and happy about.

Great thread. I’ll keep you posted as to when the new kettles arrive and also if I have any other recommendations. I just sold out of the Kamjove stainless kettles that I did have in stock yesterday, darn it. For now… it’s the only thing I can recommend.

Tea ya later,
Garret –

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Has anybody evaluated the Kamjove V-908? It seems to have an all stainless steel interior.

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Kellirus said

Hi, I am very curious if anyone has found a kettle that is safe? Bpa free, I am a new mother an no that baby products are identified as bpa free but what about the kettle that boils the water for milk?

I don’t mean to alarm you but BPA free is a marketing gimmick, best to boil it the old fashion way and use glass bottles.

Good luck, toxic world out there.

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LuckyMe said

Remember that BPA free plastic isn’t necessarily safe either. While BPA is the most well known offender, other plastics can leach even more dangerous estrogens ( and other unknown chemicals. And boiling water in plastic containers will almost certainly cause something to leach into your drink.

I’ve searched high and low for plastic-free alternatives and sadly the only safe options appears to be boiling water in a steel kettle the old fashioned way or microwaving water in a glass or ceramic container

weegeebee1 said

yep. I’ve officially given up my search for a non plastic, variable temp kettle (either lid or handle gauge or silicon seal for thermometer ruins it). Thought I got close with a couple non variable temp, but even those tend to have plastic lids

Some inventor somewhere can make millions : ) if only

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