2018 Coffee & Tea Festival NYC

I’ve gone to this event for the past few years, but have decided to opt out this year. Still, I’m very curious if anyone else has plans to go, and if they do, I’d love to hear about it. It’s this weekend, I believe.

Also, they should really call it the Tea & Coffee Festival, since coffee gets more than enough love around here, IMHO. Just sayin’.

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AllanK said

I would not go back to this event if they paid me to attend after the way I was treated last year by the thugs hired by the people who run the event.

I had a few, non-trivial issues with last year’s event, which is why I’m sitting this one out, but what on earth happened to you?

AllanK said

I was harassed and thrown out of the event for using the bathroom for five minutes. I sent several emails demanding an apology but never got one. And I didn’t have the money to hire a lawyer to sue them.

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Babble said

I went to this and the Philly one last year. Since I’m from out of town it was tough to make it but it just worked out in my schedule.

Now I live on the west coast. If it was easier to go I’d consider going again.

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