How do you stop the compulsion to buy buy BUY more tea?!

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SunnyinNY said

Not only do I have an obsession with buying tea, but I also have an serious addiction to buying teapots & teacups & saucers. And I see no stopping at all for any of it! Not until I have it all!!! (insert maniacal laugh here)

I don’t think there is such a thing as too much. Right now I have three teapots & about five teacups sitting on my drainboard drying. And as I type this I’m drinking a pot of Red Velvet Chocolate. I will not stop buying teas until I have tried everything out there!!!!!!

ohhh I would have that same obsession but without my own place there is literally nowhere to store it all… and then those purchases would be on credit… :/
but I am like you, I want to try it every single tea out there!!

Camiah said

Red velvet chocolate…that sounds delicious. I once had red velvet cake truffles covered in chocolate (the truffles, not me). The were OMGWTF delicious.

SunnyinNY said

The Red Velvet Chocolate is from The Republic of Tea. I got it as a part of gift from a friend who knows about my tea addiction. It was a good gift. The tea is good. Not overpowering with the flavor. It’s mild, but nice. Definitely one to keep on hand.

red velvet tea?! oh that sounds good. really goood!! Yummmm.

SunnyinNY said

Indigo, if you want to try the Red Velvet tea let me know. I’d be willing to share.

LefTea said

I love that red velvet tea!

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Ha! I don’t know. I ask myself the same question sometimes. Since I’ve only gotten into tea for the last year or so, I feel like I want to try everything. But my personality is such that I get obsessed with a new hobby or interest for a few years and then I move onto something else.

Hmmm I can see myself getting tired of tea-logging and discovering, but I think I’ll always be hooked on consumption.
In the meantime, I’m riding the wave :-P

heh. well, as long as you aren’t racking up bills on your credit cards or making yourself ill with too much tea it’s really a pretty benign thing to be interested in! But FYI, I don’t think Steepster helps… ;-)

Camiah said

I get obsessed too, though I tend not to let go of my old hobbies. You should see the amount of yarn and spinning fiber. I simply add to my collection of interests. I never seem to purge.

erm credit card? looks away and humms a tune
haha but I will pay it off soon, this month I hope. and you are so right, steepster is my muse!! :)

ohhh I can identify with you on that Camiah. There are so many things piled up in my house… I do need to purge. Badly!!

Amy, does this mean your love of tea may be temporary (if only several years)?? Man, I don’t see myself ever tiring of tea. I’ll always drink some form of tea! :))

Scott, I am sure I will always want to drink tea but I suspect I may scale back my purchasing to a smaller level someday. :)

I agree with that in principal, but the folow through will take some effort.

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Erin said

Before I was a tea junkie, I was a makeup junkie (still am) and the best thing I’ve learned is to “shop your stash.” Whenever I get the urge to buy something new that I don’t really need, I go through all the stuff I already have. There’s always stuff I haven’t thought about in awhile and it feels like new again.

Oh I do that all the time!! funny how memory tricks us sometimes :)

that’s a great idea. :)

Aiko said

That’s a good point; I’ll need to keep that one in mind.

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ssajami said

Stop? Why in the world would anyone want to stop? Tea is delicious and fun.
That said, there is room for budgeting and pacing your tea purchases and not go on an all-out spree. I tend to buy in splurges. I place 2-3 orders every couple of months. Admittedly, I usually spend more than I plan to, because all the teas look so good, but stay within a reasonable range of my budget.

I think it’s just that there is SO much out there that I want to try, and I know that some of these options will disappear before I can get my hands on them… kindof a now or never deal, you know? but now that I’ve tried most of the types out there, I think it will be easier to manage my indulgences and stay within that budget!

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I only get paid once a month (yay teacher salary) so I tend to do all my purchases right when I get paid (I basically just submit shopping carts that have accumulated all month Haha) then my tea spending trickles out as I realize I need to make my paycheck last an entire month and instead of submitting shopping carts I just save them for the next paycheck. I already think my tea budget is going to go towards a 3 month 52teas subscription…. I spend about $75-100 a month on tea which makes me nauseatdd to think about, but you figure you spend $2.50 for one glass of tea at Starbucks, so if I drank my 5-10 cups of tea from there… Well, I’m definitely on the positive end of that deal ;)! I just save my monthly latte for when latte guy comes to school hehehe…

2 things that help my spending…. My boyfriend is hooked on fishing (no pun intended) so he gets his packages of fishing goods and I get my tea and neither of us feel guilty… And #2 And this isn’t just for tea, I HIGHLY recommend it for EVERYONE who has a smart phone… Download the app “loot” and “loot premium” both free, and keep track of your spending. Being able to see the number ticking down and knowing that’s for food, gas, clothes, shampoo, fun, etc. Helps keep me in line!!!

The fact that I have tea I still haven’t drank will never stop me from buying more! SO I have to depend on sheer monetary survival, not logic ;)

Good luck!!

hehe and does he “get” your tea obsession? it always makes me laugh when I see people wailing on each others hobby, like theirs is the only one that is cool! but it’s awesome that he has something to love like you do :)
and you have a latte guy?! neato!!!
I wish I had your budget lol Mine is probably half that, but I think I’m cutting it down even more now, until I can get a handle on the cupboard!! and savings to, for that matter.
Now, if only I had a smart phone to help me track the budget!!

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I predict that a big swap is looming somewhere in the near future for us compulsive purchasers, not so we can get new teas in the swaps, but to clear space away from the teas we don’t like so we won’t feel bad about buying more ;)

I agree, swaps are awesome things!!! I do need to do those more often.

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The way I figure it (read: the way I justify it to myself) is that if I ever get to the point where I don’t know exactly what I have and exactly where to find the tea I want at any given time, then I need to slow down. I also had to teach myself that yes, while the stickers on the tea of the month at DavidsTea are pretty, I don’t need 50g of a tea I haven’t tried. I can just get 10g, and that’s enough for De and I to both try it.

That’s where I lucked out. I got my wife into tea, so now it’s something we can enjoy together. We also recently went through our entire collection and put it all in a spreadsheet. I’m thinking that’s something we need to do periodically, if only to weed out the teas we no longer enjoy/never enjoyed.

There are days where I drink 4-6 cups of tea a day, and others where I’m lucky to have even one. But as long as I’m still having those 4-6 cup days, I’m okay with bringing new tea in. We have learned that if it’s our first order of a certain tea or from a certain company, we buy the smallest size available. If we like it, we can reorder later and that way we’re not stuck with thousands of grams of tea we don’t like. shrugs.

Erin said

The spreadsheet is a great idea! I might try that.

I agree a spreadsheet sounds so efficient!! one day I’ll try it…

That spreadsheet sounds so cool! My husband and I try to keep little notebooks for our pu’er, but more often than not, we forget to take notes. I’m glad you and De can both enjoy fun tea together. I just couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with someone who wasn’t willing to sit down and have a nice cup or two with me.

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I’ll let you know when I figured it out myself. I applied at Teavana just so things won’t be so expensive O_o

nice!! good luck, I hope you get it :)

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LefTea said

I’m generally pretty good about not buying if my tea cabinet is full because I hate clutter, contained or not. The exception? Sales, especially groupon-type sales. I currently am sitting on two such deals (tiesta tea and tea district) plus gift certificates to two different places. The groupons aren’t a huge deal at the moment, although I’m trying to put off buying until I clear up some space in the cabinet, but the gift cards are cluttering up my wallet so I want to spend those. I’m trying to convince myself to wait for a free shipping + coupon sale at Teavana and remind myself that the Todd and Holland gift certificate (the store is literally just down the street from my house) doesn’t expire so there’s no rush. But my wallet is really full of gift cards at the moment and these would be easy to clean out.

Dinosara said

Haha I’m also sitting on a Tiesta Tea groupon that I need to spend. Expiring soon!

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The hard part for me is resisting sales. When a company offers a discount of 20% or more, I tend to justify the purchase with the thought of “look how much I’m saving!” It goes without saying I would “save” a lot more if I didn’t purchase anything, but it’s so hard to resist those sales.

Over the weekend I cleaned out and organized my tea cabinet. I thought revisiting my stash would help get me through this urge I have right now to purchase more. But instead, it only highlighted how I have too much mediocre black tea and not enough high quality Japanese greens.

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not going to be able to avoid making purchases altogether, but what I need to do is shop smarter. After being on Steepster for a year, I have a better idea of what I like and what I don’t like. I’m not going to waste my money on tea types that I’ve never liked, even in sample size, and even if it’s highly rated and hyped. I’m going to try to do more swapping, because that is essentially getting new stuff for free, and freeing up space in my cupboard by sending my unwanted teas to people who might enjoy them. I’m also going to try to be better about resteeping leaves while they still have some flavor in them.

omg that’s one reason I barely even look at tea sites. I’ve never ordered online because there are so many local options and it just seems a waste to pay the shipping, not to mention that if I break that “seal” then my cabinet will explode!!!
I need to do the same, and get around to finally trying all of the many samples I have in the cupboard. Soooo many to try but more often than not I just want something familiar, ya know?
Resteeping rocks! ;P

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