What's a pirate's favorite kind of tea?


Bahahaha! I crack myself up.

But seriously. Anyone else got any good tea jokes? I’d love to hear them!

Tea puns are also more than appropriate in this thread! For example, I’ve got a couple of posts prepared for when my blog goes live in the next month or so. Two of the titles are, “Tea: More than just a really large breast size” for a post about what tea is, and “I like my women like I like my tea”, for my discussion of loose vs bagged tea.

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Uniquity said

How does Moses prepare his tea?

He brews it!!

badoom boom

THis took me a second, but I totally laughed when I figured it out. :D

DaisyChubb said

groooooooan iloveit :D!

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Subscribed to this topic! Unfortunately, I’m not a funny person, but I do love totally terrible puns.

Bonus Thread Challenge:
In honor of Valentines Day, what are your best tea-related pick-up lines / compliments / candy-heart messages?

ie: You’re my Iron Goddess of Mercy.

Bahaha! Good one!

“I ooLong to have you in my arms.” Not very good, but I don’t pun well under pressure.

Great one!

“You’re my Jasmine Pearl.”

“Wuyi belong together”

“I want to be Dancong with you all night long.”

Also- I just imagined someone filming a gong-fu brewing competition, and then making a little video to the tune of Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting”

Everybody was gong-fu fighting
Those steeps were fast lightning!

It’s official. We should fully write “Gong-Fu Fighting” and make an epic tea music video.

Seriously. That would be amazing. We could be so popular. ;)

“Is that pu-erh tuo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Do you have a cup of tea in your pocket? ’Cause I can see myself in your pants!

(Assuming you are sitting steady and the tea is perfectly still so there’s a reflection…. Yeah, it’s a stretch, I know!)

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I can tell the is going to be fun. :)

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gmathis said

What tea do desert nomads drink?

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What’s a tea pot’s favorite style of music?


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tigress_al said

Why must you be careful of tea at night?

Because it might mug you.

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gmathis said

As you may know, in 1692, nineteen men and women were executed in the infamous Salem witch trails. You may not know that the village tea shop proprietor nearly missed conviction as well. He was accused of saucer-y.

(Sorry, I know that was bad.)

Bahahaha! Okay, that’s awesome.

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Uniquity said

What does a teapot say to it’s lover?

Oh Darjeeling!

Okay, I got that one from Google. So sue me! : )

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david said

Dinahsaur, you are funny.
Hmm, let’s see.

Can’t think of any jokes! I could google, but don’t want to cheat like Uniquity. :)

Hahaha. To be fair, while I didn’t get any from Google direct, I did get inspired on one of them from Google. XD

For the record, I personally don’t see getting jokes from Google as cheating (especially if Google is mentioned as a reference), but more as simply passing along good stuff! But I’m guessing, dpspaceman you probably meant it in a good-natured way.

These are funny. I’ll try to think of one to add later.

Thanks for passing along the humor? ; – )

david said

of course I meant it in a good natured way!

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When I first started experimenting with honeybush, I couldn’t say “honeybush” without my wife chiming in: “Bow-chick-a-wow-wow!” To this day she still giggles a little now and then and says, “Mmmmm HONEY-bushhhh!” I guess she’s easily amused.

Lil'T said

So is my husband. He had quite a snicker when I was talking about my red bush tea today.

Frank, I think your wife and I would get along famously!

My husband is the same way when I say “oolong.” Ooo, long!
Is it getting too adult in here?

momo said

A friend was asking me about the cinnamon roll honeybush tea on Twitter, and another friend just added in that she was giggling like a child about the word honeybush.
I don’t know if anything was really ever accomplished after that because subsequent replies were all “BAHAHAHAHA” and I was sitting here laughing too. Never even thought about it that way.

I’m also getting a kick out of this. I never thought of it that way, either. Ooooh, the visual these descriptions conjure up!

david said


I was almost afraid to visit mysweethoneybush.com. I was afraid it might land me on a website of an adult nature. My mom and I had a good chuckle about it too. Guess we are also easily amused. I laugh every time I think about it….but I also won’t forget the website name.

LOL. No, mysweethoneybush.com is quite tame actually. I can’t say the same for manteas.com, which is not for the easily offended.

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