relaxing teas that don't involve chamomile, or an aveda dupe?

Hi, I am looking for a caffeine-free tisane to drink at night or sip throughout the day. I really love the tea at aveda, but that seems ridiculously priced for a tisane. any suggestions?

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Aveda’s tea is: Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Sweet Fennel, Basil. You could easily find those ingredients separately and then play around the blending percentages until you get something you like.

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AllanK said

Chrysanthemum tea could be considered relaxing as it is caffeine free but does not contain any ingredients like the theanine in tea that can relax you. I comes in two main varieties, chrysanthemum and snow chrysanthemum, the latter is stronger flavored.

Chrysanthemum has far more than just two main varieties. In fact, we carry three varieties, and that doesn’t even cover nearly all the bases.

However, as you stated, it is a very nice tea for relaxing due to the lack of caffeine, and is one of my favorite evening teas.

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Ubacat said

Yunnan Sourcing’s Classic “Gan Zao Ye” Wild Jujube tea. It tastes a little like a green tea but no caffeine and it’s very relaxing. I too, cannot drink camomile. I have a slight allergic reaction to it. I was so happy to find this tea from YS. It makes me really relaxed and drowsy in the evenings and I can get two infusions from the same leaves. Holy Basil tea is another one that is relaxing but it doesn’t taste as good as the Jujube tea.
Those are the two that have a relaxing effect but then there’s plenty of other herbal teas to drink with no caffeine: Snow Chrysanthemum , Rose buds, Mulberry leaf, buckwheat tea, rooibos, & peppermint. Tealyra’s Pacific Coast Mint is the best. Just love it. However, I find peppermint energizing even though it’s caffeine free. I don’t drink it in the evenings.

Another new one I’ve gotten recently is Butterfly Pea flower tea. The colour of it is amazing and it tastes pretty good too.

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