BBQ Flavored Tea?

Just for fun, I was wondering if anyone ever heard of—or had—a BBQ flavored tea. Wouldn’t that be wild?! Smelling BBQ while walking this afternoon reminded me of Lapsang Souchong, and then I thought, well, could there be a BBQ flavored tea? And, would anyone even want to drink a BBQ flavored tea? The possibilities are almost endless: BBQ chicken, pork steaks, ribs, etc., or even fresh veges! I love mushrooms right off the grill, but a BBQ mushroom flavored tea?!

Anyway, throw out your wildest ideas here (Although I don’t personally celebrate it, I guess it’s almost fitting for Mardi Gras?)!

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When I think of BBQ I think of the sauce and I don’t think I could fathom drinking it. It would have to be a light flavor in the tea for sure. :)

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Well, this sounds like a job for Frank.

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I’d be interested! Would have to be very, very light flavoring, though!

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I would drink it :)

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BBQ chicken tea? I’d be on that ish!

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Uniquity said

Now I want BBQ chicken pizza… But I think that this is definitely a job for Frank, as LiberTeas said.

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Yes, I agree, this would DEFINITELY be a job for Frank.

I also agree that it would probably have to be light on the flavoring.

I love BBQ chicken pizza, too! As a matter of fact, my wife and I now make BBQ chicken pizza w/o the chicken (trying to go as meatless as possible), and it’s still good!

Uniquity said

The beau and I do homemade pizza on Fridays, BBQ chicken with lots of veggies and almonds is a favourite in the mix. Olive oil with spinache, garlic, veg and nuts is fabulous too! : )

How Funny! Friday night is our pizza night too! Although we both love to cook (mostly her) I admit we still both like having the frozen variety here and there (I know, For shame!).

Nuts, huh? That sounds interesting. Since pesto is made from nuts (and basil and garlic and olive oil), and since I love pesto on pizza, it stands to reason that un-crushed walnuts may work, too (especially with the other supporting players in pesto). It would certainly add interesting texture to the pizza. I just may have to give that a whirl. Thanks!

Uniquity said

We actually made up a batch of pesto yesterday which might just grace our pizza this week. We had been hoping our basil plant would produce enough leaves to make some but we gave in and picked basil at the market for now. Good luck!

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I’d try bbq tea!! though I’m not a particular fan of bbq flavouring in general, I find that my food preferences don’t always match up with how I like my tea. (for instance I don’t like lemon cake/sauces, but love lemon tea!)

as for wild flavours, how about beer tea? I’ve always thought it’d be interesting!

I also find that “my food preferences don’t always match up with how I like my tea.” Good thing to keep in mind when considering trying a tea with an interesting flavor added to it.

Beer flavored tea would be interesting. Malty teas come to mind when I think of the teas with the closest flavor to beer. Although, most of the malty teas I have had so far smell more like a brewery than taste like a beer.

I just checked Frank’s website, for I thought he had a beer flavored tea. I don’t see one in his Man Teas lineup, though. I love that bitter bite in really hop-y beer. It would be great to at least try a hop-y tea (of course, it may prove to be an absolute disaster). Again, I think Frank is our man, if anyone is!

Hmmm a hoppy tea, yes I think I’d like that! :P
Frank is amazing with his blends. Here’s hoping he can do this one up!

Yes he is! After reading your reply, a funny play on words occurred to me (maybe you meant it this way): “Here’s hop-ing!” See, once again, great minds think alike!

you are very perceptive SimpliciTea! the thought had crossed my mind… but I thought it might be a little too subtle to make a pun outta it. Great minds indeed!

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Yes but depends on what you classify as BBQ,… We talking wet sauce or rubs? A spiced rub BBQ tea might not be that far off from some of the teas a lot of us have had! The smokey flavor would be the scary part to me, it’s hard to keep that flavor subtle. I it’s a great idea! Someone tell frank :)

Good questions. That’s why I think this can be so fun, imagining the endless possibilities! Although, it has been a pretty mild winter here in the mid-West, what more fitting a flavor to think about than BBQ to build anticipation for warmer weather!

I love the smokey flavor in a tea like Lapsang Souchang, but I hear you, I know many whom do not, and would want it muted.

I agree “A spiced rub BBQ tea might not be that far off from some of the teas a lot of us have had!” What specific teas were you thinking of here? Admittedly, spicy is not that hard to replicate in tea, but saucy, or meaty? That seems to be more of a challenge, to me.

@SimpliciTEA – I said above that I love the idea of a BBQ tea, but I just realized that for most people, the obvious base would be something like a Lapsang Souchang…but that would make the tea undrinkable to me (asthma!). So sad.

Wonder if this could be done without a smokey base, though. I was thinking I’d be really curious to see if anyone could get an actual hint of meat taste into a tea.

Lapsang Souchang interacts with your asthma? That’s too bad. : (

I did happen to run into one tea where a reviewer mentioned tasting—what I believe was—an Assam that had a smokey flavor. I would think using Lapsang as a base wouldn’t be mandatory.

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Bonnie said

I can imagine a smoky puerh or Scottish breakfast tea enhanced with applewood bacon or hickory bacon and pepper for a BBQ flav. Wood smoke and heat with a slight honey.

I like your idea, Bonnie. I know Frank has a Maple Bacon Black Tea. Still not BBQ flavored, though. : )

He also has a smoked bacon black tea which has lapsang souchong as a base.

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