Azzrian said

Funny Tea Stories

Alright so maybe I (and hubby) are the only ones who thinks this is funny but just now I was making some tea and I forgot about the steep and said in a panic (quite loud) “Oh No!!! I think I burnt my Pouchong!”
My husband and I cracked up.
What are some of the funny things you have said while making tea?

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Missy said

Hehe, that sounds like some thing I would do! Generally I make the tea downstairs and bring it up to the office, so I haven’t had the chance to say any thing funny yet. Thanks for sharing though. I got a good giggle out that. :D

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Azzrian said

LOL thanks Missy I was starting to think my sense of humor was not all that funny.
For the record – does not have to be anything one said to someone else – could be said to themselves or even just funny tea experiences. I should have made it a broader scope :)
Wait I think I can change it woot!

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Lala said

This is not something I said while making tea, but I think it is a hilarious tea story.

I have a family member living with me for a few months. Prior to moving in, she knew that in general, I like tea.

So when she moved in she said :“So you like tea?” And I laughed, she didn’t know why I was laughing yet. I proceeded to warn her about the vast amount of tea that I have around the house. She was free to try any of it.

She drinks tea in the morning, so she asked me if I had any tea she could have. I asked her what kind of tea she wanted. Her reply “just tea”. So I proceeded to list of a number of kinds of tea, like white, black, green. She said she liked mint. So then I proceeded to list of the many kinds of mint I have: spearmint, peppermint, green tea with peppermint, herbal blends with mint, mint medley, etc. She looked at me blankly and said whatever I had in the cupboard was fine. So I just took out a generic bagged peppermint tea.

She then asked me how I made tea. So I showed her the tea scoop and strainer for loose leaf. She said “so you just soak it to your taste”. My answer, “yes”.

She asked me how I boiled the water. I said the kettle. She asked if was ok to put the tea bag in the water then microwave it until hot. I hesitated for a while, then said “however you like to make it is fine”.

Then I had another guest come over. My guest saw I had a takeya flash tea pitcher sitting out. She immediately said, oh that is from Davids Tea and began ranting and raving how I have to go to Davids (like I have never been there a thousand times). I responded by saying that no it didn’t come from David’s, but they are available at many different stores. She looked at me blankly. Then I explained about the many physical and online tea stores that I frequent. She again started talking about David’s.

My guest started talking about how her daughter has bought about 10 Davids teas and she has SO MUCH TEA now. To which my roommate spit out the sip of water she had just taken and said, “I was seeing what was in the cupboards before doing groceries. There is tea in the drawer, the other drawer, the cupboard, the counter, in her room and in the freezer (matcha)!” I didn’t want to try to explain what matcha was at this time. (Baby steps you know).

So to change the subject, I just explained to my roommate about the travel mug (1) that she can use for coffee, and the others (30+) are only for tea. She laughed.

Dexter said

LOL I love it!!!! You will have your new roommate converted in no time, but I agree with the baby steps.

Don’t you love the “deer in the headlights look” when you offer choices, and you suddenly realize that they have no idea what you are talking about. I had a similar one with Mom not too long ago (she lives several hours away – we talk but don’t see each other very often). She made a “since you’re into tea now, can I have a cup comment” – I said of course, what kind would you like, and got a similar reaction to what you experienced.

I was a little like that when I preferred coffee.

Lala said

Update: well my roomie now refuses to boil water in the microwave, only uses the kettle now. I must have rubbed off on her a bit. She also has upgraded to the “good” bagged teas. Still too scared to use the loose leaf though.

:D baby steps. baby steps.

Ellyn select said

My husband is afraid of the loose tea also. If I make and/or set it out for him in the strainer he is fine. Otherwise he uses bagged tea when I’m not home..

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I am frequently around children that are of no relation to me and typically have tea with me for hydration purposes. Children are very observant of their surroundings.
I also typically use clear thermal mugs (Plastic for safety reasons) to cold/open brew my tea. The mouth piece of my mug is small enough to hold the tea leaves back though occasionally one small one slips out.
It’s taken a while to convince the different children I am around that its just tea, some thought I was drinking tadpoles (This cracks me up), and others still think I am lying, or drinking herbs. I take it none of them have ever seen loose leaf tea.
Children make life interesting. Its nice to see them grow and explore their environment.

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