Take it Away!

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Melanie said

I’d love to try any of the Dove chocolate chais and the Stash Creme Caramel :-) Oh – and I’d take 2 bags of the raspberry earl grey too!

Jaime said

Got you!

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Tabby said

I’ve got 2 sample packs of Celestial Seasonings Chamomile, 4 bags in each for a total of 8. Let me know if you want them soon, I’m headed to the post office tomorrow afternoon!

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Wanting to destash my teabags!
All claimed- thank you!

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Jude said

Would love the Focus and the Thrive … will follow you to discuss trade :)


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yssah said

hello, newbie here and would love any and all teas you want taken away! im on a roll and want to try everything ^^

also, i dont know how to contact those who are giving stuff away. read in the faq that i can pm only those who are following me?

Valerie said

This thread is more for people to offer teas, not to ask for them. It sort of comes off as begging, lol.

And yes, you have to be following one another before you can message one another. :)

yssah said

oh, i saw people requesting specific teas in this thread but i didnt know which ones were still available coz it’s been 2 years since the last post on a takeaway tea :)

i just posted here coz i dont have a lot of teas that i can trade with yet since im just starting :)

thanks for your reply tho ^^ i need to learn many things still. like how to work this…do i write the one offering and send a stamped envelope or something?

Valerie said

Oh I misunderstood then. xD;; Sorry, context is hard to read on the internet sometimes!

But yeah this thread is long since dead.

If you have some tea already, you probably would have more luck in the swapping thread which is here:
Post which teas you have and see if anyone has anything you like. :) You can send bagged tea or send a few teaspoons (enough for a few cups) in a ziploc bag to the other person and they send you something back. It’s quite fun! :D

yssah said

that’s ok, i am placing an order at wissotzky online so i will have something to swap maybe next week :)

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Tazo Lotus and Culinary Circle Green Tea Mint, both bagged.-claimed

I’m game! I need some more bagged teas for work.


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teas taken, thanks!

oh, I’d love to try one or all three of these:
Adagio: Hazelnut Black

The Tea Merchant: Yunnan’s fable

Whispering Pines: Manistee Moonrise

sure, they are yours. following you now.

T.C. said

I’d love to try the white magic. Let me know if you want to sample something i have

It’s yours. following you and checking your cupboard now.

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Okay, I’ve decided I can’t do the rooibos. I got a ton of (huge!) sample sizes from Compass Teas and I just don’t see myself being able to try/drink them all in a reasonable time frame. I know (or hope!) someone else out there would be happier with them, so here’s my list, all unopened except for the Vanilla Cinnamon Bun:

Oh, Snap! – Gingersnap cookie
Strawberry Lemonade
Irish Cream
Three Berry Tea
Cola (this one has Yerba mate, too)
Cinnamon & Spice
Vanilla Cinnamon Bun (this one opened and about 1/2 empty)

Additionally, I have some stuff from other companies I would like to part with:

-An opened Eight Candles by Della Terra (probably 1.25 oz left in there at least),
-An opened Creme Caramel Rooibos from DAVIDsTEA (almost the full 50 grams),
-A flowering Green Jasmine tea ball from Verdant

I don’t really care where I ship these guys, I just ask you take a few if you’re going to take one (so I’m not shipping like 7 packages). And if you want to swap back we can PM, but I really don’t mind giving it away, as you’ll be doing me a favor and getting them out of my house. :)

Thanks guys!

Cavocorax said

If you don’t mind shipping to Canada, I’ve been trying to order 8 Candles for awhile now and it’s always gone. Would love to try some.

Also I like flavored rooibos! I’d be interested in the Strawberry lemonade, cinnamon spice or irish cream.

If you want to try something in my cupboard, let me know. (some of those are small quantities but I should be able to send mostly anything)

Sil select said

or if it’s a pain in the ass to ship to canada, i can possibly give you a US address to ship to and then I can send it over to cavo once it travels up to me via my tea mule lol

There are a few there i’d love to try:

-vanilla cinnamon bun
-strawberry lemonade
-irish cream
-three berry tea

heh Happy to send something back your way as well if there’s anything you’re dying to try

(or if you want to ship to canada, you could ship to cavo and i can make a swap with cavo hahaha go go 3 way!)

Cavocorax said

I’m down with that – I don’t mind waiting for it to go through Sil to get to me, and it’d be cheaper for you!

Also, I could share with you (Sil) and whoever else is over there as I probably don’t need huge samples!

I am totally down with shipping to Canada! It probably does work out best to send it in one bulk package since shipping seems to be more on the lighter packages anyway, right?

I can send everything to Cavocorax then (so you guys can get an extra swap in, haha) along with some empty plastic baggies that you guys can use to portion it out if you want. They aren’t so good with preventing smell contamination, and you might have something better on hand already, but in case you needed some swap supplies I thought I’d offer. :)

Oh, and were you game for me to just throw it all in? Or are there any teas that both of you don’t want?

I think I’m following both of you so just let me know via PM – and thank you SO MUCH for helping me out with this!

Sil select said

sounds good! Cavo will coordinate with you :) sounds awesome. And if there’s anything in our cupboards you’d really like t try, let us know.

Cavocorax said

I just sent you you PM! Thanks! :)

Kaylee said

Is it too late to ask for the Oh Snap?

Kaylee – if you would still like the gingersnap tea that works all around – just let me know by tomorrow because I would really like to send these out asap.

Sil and Cacovorax – I’m PM’ing you both within the hour!

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Fusion Teas’ Chocolate Cake Honeybush. I usually like honeybush and chocolate a lot, but this one didn’t work for me.

I’m willing to send this to fans of it in the US.

Lynxiebrat said

I havn’t tried that…would like too. I live in Michigan. Any others you want to send that would be cool, too.

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Opened 1 oz ish bag of Loose Pu’erh from Nature’s Tea Leaf. Do Not Want. Will ship anywhere, no trade needed.

yssah said

want :)

I don’t think I have your new address…

yssah said

still the same. will pm it to you.

Thanks Starfevre :)

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