Getting tea drunk

What Makes Us Feel Tea Drunk?

Tea drunk is the feeling we get from the psychoactive components of Camellia Sinensis, the plant from which all teas are made from.

This plant has several vital components that make it unique and give us the feeling of being tea drunk.

- caffeine. All types of tea have at least some caffeine in them, depending on the growing conditions and the processing method, some have more and some less. Caffeine is what gives us energy, creativity, and alertness. Caffeine is also what can give tea that slightly bitter, astringent taste.

- L-theanine. L-theanine is a component that is found in all teas, and it’s also exclusive to tea. It is known to stimulate alpha brain waves. By doing so, it puts us in a state of alertness, creativity, and relaxed, meditative space. When theanine is combined with caffeine (like it is in tea) the effects of caffeine get subdued. L-theanine is a powerful relaxer and anxiety reducer. It’s also what gives some teas their pleasant savory taste.

- catechins. These are the antioxidants in tea. Catechins are one of the main reasons you might feel high after drinking tea. They are especially abundant in Japanese teas such as Gyokuro and matcha.

It is no coincidence that in feudal Japan the samurai would hold matcha tasting competitions where they would oftentimes drink up to 50 cups of tea, getting completely drunk on it!

If you want to find out more on what kind of teas get you most “tea drunk” and the best steps to getting tea drunk, you can read the rest of our article here:

Have you experienced being tea drunk or “tea high” before? Do you remember which teas brought you there?
Would love to hear about your experiences!

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SusySteep said

Very interesting, I never experienced being tea drunk but I totally agree with you when you say “Caffeine is what gives us energy, creativity, and alertness”. Since 2 weeks, before to go for my morning run, I started to take green tea and I can feel the difference, it helps me a lot.
Thank you for sharing.

You’re welcome! Happy to hear you are enjoying green tea.

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I’ve heard that if you brew chamomile for 10 minuets you can get high…..hmmmm.

Haha. I’ve definitely done that plenty of times before by just forgetting it. Not the same feeling as being tea high but for sure veryyy relaxing!

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