Recommendations for a a good morning tea?

I’m looking for a good morning tea. I find that often, straight blacks make me a bit sick to my stomach unless I eat something along with them, and often I don’t have time to do that. It’s sort of a grab-and-go kind of thing. Earl Greys are okay, but not my favorite, not every day kinds of tea. Breakfast blends are the same way – they just don’t taste exciting to me. Does anyone have recommendations? I’d like something with caffeine.

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Queen Catherine from Harney and Sons. It’s got some serious kick!
I also love a basic malty Assam or Ceylon but don’t have a current fave.

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Aiko said

I think I’ve mentioned this in another thread, but a solid black tea steeped with chopped fresh ginger pieces is both stimulating and easy on the stomach. But if you’re looking for something very grab-and-go, my guess is you don’t have the time to chop up the ginger…. hm.

On mornings when I wake up feeling a little queasy I find find some green rooibos is a decent stand-in when blacks might otherwise upset me, but that’s caffeine free.

Have you tried toasted mate? It has the caffeine and is a bit similar in taste to black teas, but may not upset your stomach as much. I used to have a chocolate-nut flavored sort that was pretty good.. not sure from where though.

Also, if you’ve never tried milk it your black tea, it’s worth a shot— I dunno if there’s any science behind it but it seems to neutralize some of the tannins that can otherwise upset my stomach.

If you’re not totally anti-grocery-shelf-teabag-teas, Tazo makes a decent blend of black tea and toasted mate called Focus. I can’t speak for it personally but my boyfriend really likes it.

Hmm, that’s all that comes to mind at the moment; hope you can find something that works for you <:

I do milk in my tea, but I don’t like doing sugar. The milk helps though. And I’ve got a simple of toasted mate to try, so thanks!

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Do you like spicier flavors like ginger or cinnamon in the morning, or would you like something smoother like a vanilla or a mint? A good mint tea should be invigorating in the morning, like a Moroccan Mint, or say Iridescence, which is a black tea with mint from Serendipitea that I quite enjoy.

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I don’t really like spices such as ginger or cardamom. Greens are more the flavor profile I like in the morning – a little sweet, a little grassy – but not enough caffeine haha

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AJ said

I don’t know, this may be out of the blue, but if you want black tea for the kick, but you like greens, you might want to try black-green tea blends? I don’t know what about blacks upsets your stomach (so green-black blends might not work for you), but if you like greens, but still want the kick of a black, it’s a compromise but you still get a bit of both. I find them to be an interesting morning tea, anyway.

I’m just going to plug Murchie’s (, because they’ve got the largest selection of green-black blends (that aren’t mixed with a lot of other things), although I know companies such as TWG and The O Dor also do it (although they don’t organize these blends into a nice, simple ‘green-black blend’ section; but you can usually tell by the photos, and then confirm by the description).

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Agree with Michelle, Green is much better to start off your morning. Recently had this Gopaldhara from Darjeeling had a refreshing feel with a hint of fruity flavour. If you’s isn’t adding squeeze of lime does it. Avongrove’s black tea FF12 is what I had for the past two mornings. It just pulled me back to life.

Thank you!

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You might try mate it guayasa, both non-teas with caffeine. And you might possibly try matcha. It’s green tea but you can use as much powder as you like to make it more caffeinated. I find that a regular preparation has more than enough caffeine for me. Then again, I don’t actually have the need for caffeine in the morning so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

Good Luck!

I really want to try matcha when I get home for the summer. I’ve tried mixing mate in with some greens, and that’s pretty good :)

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Barb said

For years, I’ve been drinking Taylors of Harrowgate Scottish Breakfast tea (Assam + unspecified “African”) in bags with lots of milk. Lately, in part to get myself to branch out, and learn about types of unblended black tea I’ve been drinking TofH pure Assam, also with lots of 2% milk.

Oversteeping doesn’t seem to be a problem for me with either of these. I don’t remember ever getting that bitterness I’ve found in some others with only slight over-steeping.

Another I want to try as a breakfast tea, with nothing added, is a good genmaicha. I’ve had a taste of Rishi’s genmaicha, bagged, and the toasty, hearty scent but mild flavor made it seem like a good morning tea candidate.

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chaijeeyah said

I advise you not to drink tea on an empty stomach. Eat an apple at least beforehand and the tea will go easier on your stomach. Also try Pu-erh, it’s great for digestion and has the right amount of caffeine.

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I like Gyokuro in the morning :)

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