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Mixing pure black/green/white teas with herbs or fruits.

Hello everyone!

I’m a long-time tea fan, but I am much more educated about coffee, so I want to get into the tea theory & practice.

I would like to know if it’s possible to mix some “plain” teas with dried herbs or dehydrated pieces of fruit. E.g., would it work if I’d mix, for example, some black tea with some mint leaves and a few slices of dried/dehydrated orange? If yes, do you have any tips on collecting and preparing the herbs for the tea?

Thanks in advance,

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I dry herbs by bunching a small amount together with twine and hang them upside down. They keep for a long time. I dehydrate my own fruits and veggies, though I don’t put them in tea. I would watch putting dehydrated fruits in tea as it may become moldy. I don’t think home dehydrated fruits keep that long but you might want to look that up. If you would like to use orange, consider using dried orange rind which can be purchased in some super markets. Spices work great in teas.

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Yes! Lots of people do that. I just try things. I have freeze dried fruits from the grocery store that I’ll toss into a tea, or I have herbs / flowers that I’ll add. It’s just guessing mostly. It’s fun, just trying out different flavor profiles.

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