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Drinking this right now, after a long morning of cross-country skiing and walking (it was amazing!)

As this is an oolong, I expected a strong and bold taste, but got a very humble and fragrant tea instead. I suppose it’s too smooth for my liking, maybe not even strong enough, though I steeped it for a long time. I think it would work really great as a base for some kind of blend, but alone it’s not interesting enough for me :(

I will drink the remaining sample with great pleasure, but I don’t think I’ll order this one. Have a nice week everyone!

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Tried it again today, steeped it only for a minute or 45 seconds, it came out very very silky, super-smooth. I guess I like it this way much more than my usual strong-steeped way.

Interesting, I’ll see what surprises will it bring me next ;) Info about my previous experience is in the previous tasting note about this tea!

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Drank this one yesterday evening.

Great tea, very bold taste, very humble and unpretentious. Though a tiny bit too grassy for me, I guess. It lacks some flower-y notes for my liking, But still, I’d drink this one every day for a long time.

However, if I’d have to choose between Organic White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) Tea and this one, I would choose the first one (that’s why I’ve got 3 packages of it :P ).

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Haven’t had this one in a very long time and now TeaVivre gave me a free sample of this great tea!

I like to steep this one really strong, much stronger than any other tea, so that it leaves a wine-like sensation in the mouth and a very distinct aftertaste, which I can’t identify at all, but it’s amazing.

Also this is one of the teas I like with no sugar at all. Really good, will bump the rating up a few points. Guess I need to re-stock this one the next time I order something.

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Another one from my new TeaVivre package!

What can I say..wow! This was amazing. Really strong smell, just the way I like it. Very sweet, but with a ton of jasmine in it!

The taste is very gentle and smooth, and of course, full of jasmine! It leaves a very sweet aftertaste, and the base tastes great, very solid, but not overshadowing the jasmine itself.

Amazing tea, I will try to make sure this one is in my cupboard like..forever?

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I own every Teavivre jasmine but this one, I plan to rectify that soon.


Which one, do you think, is the best one of their jasmines? Maybe I should get another one too :)

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I’ve wanted to try these for a long time and now I finally can!

The smell is very gentle and soft, kind of a mix between silkiness and malty tones (if that makes sense).

The taste. on the other hand, ditches the silkiness and dives into the malty-chocolatey-goodness. It vaguely reminds me of Bailin Gonfu black, but I think that’s just me. This tea leaves a nice tingling sensation after every sip, I tried it both with and without sugar – and I suppose I’ll be drinking this one with a tiny bit of sugar in the future, just to bring out the smoothiness a little bit more.

I will be definitely looking forward to adding these to my permanent stock! Also, I’d like to try this one flavored with jasmine.

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Just got my package (actually, 2 packages!) from TeaVivre! (oh, I love that store so much)

Well, evidently, I’m starting my own little venture into Oolongs, something I’ve never properly done before, because I seem to have a bad luck for picking those. If you’ve got some oolong brewing/drinking tips – please share those with me :)

This tea comes packed in a TeaVivre-style small packages, packaged once again inside. The leaves are super-sticky with honey and give a nice rich smell, though I expected much more honey in it.

I steeped it twice – 1 minute and 2 minutes. Came out very strong and rich, almost no differences between the two steeps, except some subtle changes in taste.

As for the taste, it was honestly not what I expected. I was ready for some in-my-face honey action, but the honey was very subtle, only adding a few touches of sweetness after every sip. I didn’t add any sugar, which is pretty unusual for me and it still was good. I can definitely say that I’m starting to like oolongs and I’m looking forward to drinking this tea again soon!


Though I’m kind of late with this one, but I just started reading The Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), so far so good, I’ve read about 25% of the book, it’s engaging and interesting, with some really deep characterization.

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