Jason select said

Updates to the Steepster Select Subscription

Below is a copy of the email I just recently sent out to Steepster Select subscribers. FYI.

Hi All,

I wanted to update everyone on developments with Steepster Select. As the months have passed, we’ve been looking to improve the subscription in ways that play towards our strengths but stick to our main goal; introducing people to great teas and tea companies.

The most common feedback is that people get too much tea and that the price of the box is too high for their budget. So we’re doing something about it. We’ll be changing the subscription to address these issues and give us more time to work with tea companies to find the teas we want.

We’re still working out details and timing, but if you want to join you’ll have to sign up again (sorry). We’ll send out a note as a reminder when it’s up and running.

In the mean time, we’ll be closing the existing Steepster Select subscription and the July shipment will be the last box until the new subscription is launched. If you’re on a monthly plan you will not be charged again in July. All prepaid members and unredeemed gifts will receive refunds for the months we didn’t ship. If you do not receive the refunds you expect by the end of June, please contact us.

These past 12 months working on Steepster Select have been a very unique experience for us. We’ve learned a lot and enjoyed the very positive response – it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without your support. Please keep in touch on Steepster/Facebook/Twitter, send more feedback, and we look forward to seeing you on the new subscription once it’s launched.

- Jason

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Oh. Well, I’m kind of sad I’ll just get in on the last one, but I look forward to seeing Select 2.0!

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Azzrian said

NNNNNNNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cry. SIGH. Drat! Looking forward for the return. I liked it the way it was though. :(

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Azzrian said

Hummm maybe do like the Foodsie boxes where there is a choice?
One month – dessert teas or savory teas
Second month – White teas or black teas
Third Month – Tisanes or Teaware
Just a thought. :)

Kittenna said

I like this idea!

Azzrian said

Thanks – I am sure they already have plenty of ideas and are working it out but I had to toss that in there :)

sigh Foodzie subscriptions is coming to an end too. Foodzie was bought by Joyus, and they will still offer tasting boxes that you can purchase but there won’t be a subscription, and the boxes will cost $39 instead of $29. sad. :(

And a note about the choice, I don’t know how well this would work. They only do about 100 boxes per month as it is, and if they had options, what if one type sold out and the other type was not as desired, they’d be left with left overs and also a bunch of people disappointed that the other box sold out.

I am guessing that they are able to do the boxes as they’ve been done by purchasing each tea at bulk and at a deep discount due to the bulk amount… they might not be able to obtain as much of a discount if they’re only buying half as much of the tea.

I guess I’m thinking too much as a tea purveyor here … the old habits die hard I guess.

Azzrian said

that is very sad to hear. :( I was only just getting to a place I could budget for the foodzie box! SIGH

Azzrian said

Yeah I have to agree with that LiberTEAS

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Azzrian said

ORRRR lol price point options
Larger packages for a higher price – say the original price or sampler sized at a lower price. Okay Ill shut up now this is just all news to me I didn’t realize there was a problem but Im new to steepster still :)

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partea said

and ship to canada!! :D

agreed ;)

Jillian said


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I would be OK with paying $17 if I knew what was in the box, or at least had a general idea of the contents (e.g., “this month we’re featuring a flavored rooibos, a pu-erh and a roasted kukicha” — then I’d know not to sign up, because I’m not wild about those types). I don’t like to pay $17 and wind up with a box of teas that don’t interest me. I understand the “surprise” factor is what makes it fun for a lot of people; I guess I’m just not one of them! I did love the packaging and labeling, and I didn’t have a problem with the size of the samples; I thought 1 oz. was a good sample size.

Best of luck in the future, Jason; I’ll keep a look out for the updated program :)

I also like the sample sizes at 1oz and I don’t think the price is bad either. As for the element of surprise, I like it but a hint of what’s inside as you said would be nice just in case there’s mostly teas you don’t like in there.

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Dissapointed to see the subscription won’t be continued. I really enjoyed the boxes and thought the prices were fair, especailly since there isn’t anywhere around me that I could buy that quality of tea at!I really liked the surprise and trying something new as well.

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Aw, nuts! I just signed up, well good luck with the new plan, it can’t be easy trying to please everyone.

Ricky said

There’s going to be one last shipment this month and we’ll be back before you know it :).

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I just signed up this past weekend! I was so looking forward to this subscription service. I love the idea of surprise tea. It looks like I’ll just have to live with getting one box. Still exciting. And hopefully the new service will be up soon :)

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ssajami said

Will the new subscription service have international shipping (please, please…)?

Zeks said

Yeah, that’d be really nice :)

Angrboda said

Yes please!

Ninavampi said

Pretty please!!!! : )

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