Updates to the Steepster Select Subscription

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Janefan said

I personally never signed up for the old plan for many of the reasons cited (high price, unknown tea, and I assumed it would be too much tea to add to my already too large collection.)

If the new system is lower prices/smaller amounts, I’ll definitely be interested.

If the teas are not a complete surprise, I’d be even more likely to sign up. I don’t expect, or necessarily want, to know the exact blend in advance, but a general black/green/herbal breakdown, or a more specific “flavored black,” “unflavored japanese green,” “honeybush herbal blend” etc. would make me much more likely to buy a subscription.

Have to agree with this. I would love to join something like Steepster Select, but I would rather get a selection of sampler sizes for less than larger amounts of tea.

I don’t mind the unknown tea factor as much, but it would be nice to be able to check off things you dislike/can’t drink from the get-go (for example, I cannot drink anything with gluten ingredients like barley or barley malt; not sure if those ingredients were in any of the teas offered, but not knowing is part of why I didn’t consider joining) and maybe get an alternate sample.

Or maybe there could be “tracks” people join, like one for unflavored teas, one for flavored, one for caffeine-free, etc. so there’s still an element of surprise, but you have a general idea of what’s coming.

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I personally LOVED the surprise! Its like Christmas every month. There were only a few boxes that I did not like, but all in all it introduced me to a lot of great companies. I did it the whole year and thought that it was a great treat for any tea fan.

Keep the surprise..

Scott B said

But for some people, the surprise might be like getting 3 pairs of socks for Christmas.

Thou shalt not insult thy Christmas socks!

Hey… Dumbledore wanted socks for Christmas!

I was liking the idea of the surprise myself, but if you got a lot of things you hated that would get tiresome very quickly…

Yeah pretty much like most the samples I received from a company recently. :0(

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Adeline said

Looking forward to seeing what happens! I too would strongly consider subscribing to a cheaper box, particularly if it was more of a bargain for the contents (which I imagine is something you’re already attempting as you work with tea companies).

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I am just seeing this now, I subscribed 2 days ago. Will I be getting tea or a refund?

Jason admin said

If your payment went through 2 days ago that means you made the cutoff for the July box, so you’ll get that one. If you did a monthly subscription you just won’t be charged again. If you did a prepaid one (3, 6, 12 months) we’ll refund you for the months we haven’t shipped.

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Ok cool! Thanks! :)

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OK, I just noticed that my subscription for August’s box just went through, that will be refunded, I’m guessing?

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I just had another thought. Maybe it would be less expensive overall if the future Steepster Select package were mailed in a first-class padded envelope, not a box? Then it would seem a lot easier/less expensive to mail internationally. I send lightweight items internationally quite often, and it’s typically only $1 more or so to ship outside the U.S. (and sometimes not any more expensive — e.g., Canada).

Jason admin said

We’ve thought about that but are concerned all the tea will get crushed in an envelope, even a padded one.

Jason, I’m a member of a forum where I do a lot of perfume oil swaps. We send out small glass bottles in padded envelopes all the time and I’ve never had one crushed or broken, as long as I use a padded envelope and wrap it in bubble wrap. I would think that if you wrapped the tea in one layer of bubble wrap, in a padded envelope, that would be enough to keep it safe. But of course it’s your call ;)

Azzrian said

Susan I think that the area of the tea being much larger than the vials makes the difference.

Also, leaves are easily crushed, because they’re dry leaves. I would much rather have my tea shipped in a box. Sure, I receive some of my teas shipped in envelopes and I’ve even sent teas in envelopes, but, if given an option, I’d choose a box because of the additional protection it offers.

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Azzrian said

Has the last month of the Steepster Select Subscription been sent out yet?
I did not get a shipping notice on that one.
Thanks. :)

I haven’t gotten a shipping notice either… the shipping notices are usually right on target because I think they’re generated from their postage program. So when they print the postage, the email goes out. At least, that’s the way it works for my postage program and I think the one they use is pretty similar.

Azzrian said

Thanks – at least its not just me lol

Jason admin said

Haven’t shipped yet. I was right in the middle of getting everything put together last week when my gf surprised my with a trip back home to see my family for my birthday, so I wasn’t able to get them out before I had to leave for the airport. I’ll be back next week and we’re gonna get them sent out early in the week though.

Great to hear.

Happy Birthday Jason! I hope you have a really nice visit! Thanks for letting us know!

Hey, Happy Birthday! Cancers unite ;)

OolongLily said

Good to know. And Happy Birthday!

Sil select said

Woot! another Cancer!

Azzrian said

Happy Birthday!!! :)

Happy Birthday Jason!

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Azzrian said

Woo hooo got my shipping notice today – dying to see the spoilers! )

Got mine today too!

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Just received my last shipment today. :( Can’t wait to see what develops in the future.

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