Porcelain versus ceramic cups

At home I exclusively drink my tea in porcelain mugs from my grandparents restaurant. I don’t get the same tea flavor in ceramic cups. Anyone else think that?

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definitely!! even worse is drinking out of plastic. I can’t stand the taste.

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Thanks!! I agree to that also.

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Will said

What do you mean by ceramic?

Porcelain is a type of ceramic, though not all ceramics are porcelain.

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That’s true Will. I should have said tea tastes better in porcelain than anything else.

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I can’t really say a difference between ceramic and porcelain simply because I don’t own porcelain. Although I have noticed a difference in most other types, such as plastic, cardboard, and styrofoam…basically anything you are served for tea on the go from coffee/tea places.

I also noticed a strange taste when I first used my stainless steel travel mug. I don’t know if stainless steel can absorb flavors like a yixing teapot can, but there is a nice patina on the inside that prevents my tea from tasting metallic.

I’m not an expert, but I agree about the stainless steel travel mugs. My tea never tastes right when I use one. Even if I’ve poured it from my porcelain mug into the travel mug.

The various materials must react with the tea in different ways.

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