Janefan said

"Sun tea" vs. cold brew

Serious Eats just did an interesting comparison, which also goes into how to get the best cold brew:

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Sil select said

Thanks for the share!

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Missy said

That’s a very interesting article. As a kid we brewed a lot of sun tea. I haven’t done it ages though, as I live in a state with less sun. Thanks for posting.

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Fun article! I do enjoy Kenji’s posts but I’ve been have a really busy week. Steepater comes first!

I’ve been known to cold brew quality tea and really enjoy it. It’s not the same as hot brew chilled, but enjoyable on a different level. I simply love cold brewing in hot weather. :)

On a side note, I was amused that he hijacked Max’s tea stash to take the dry whole leaf photo. I remember in an earlier article where the Serious Eats staff shared their favorite ways to get caffeine. Max stood out to me when he said he enjoyed loose leaf tea made in his gaiwan. So that was probably some good tea. I hope Kenji put it back after the photoshoot. :D
I wonder if Max is a secret Steepsterite…

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Haha, that was a good article. Thanks!

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I’ve only ever brewed sun tea at farm camp – and we did a sort of pine needle, flower and berry mixture. It was good, though!

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forsythia said

I hardly ever make iced tea simply because I never got it right, always assumed you brewed the tea hot then cooled it, added ice, and stuck it in the fridge. Well, duh. Yesterday I did the cold brew technique in the article and I couldn’t be happier with it. Too funny! Except I think I should have used an extra tea bag for a little more strength. I used some Yorkshire tea bags that needed to be used before they went stale.

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