LisaJoanna said

What Bagged Tea Brands Are There In Grocery Stores (Canada)

I’m trying to look up other teas…Its not always easy for me to get to a loose leaf tea store,and was wondering what tea in grocery stores there are.

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AJ said

Really depends on what grocery store. I find that Shoppers generally has the worst selection of tea, followed by Superstore with second-worse. Save-on-Foods (now Pricesmart) has a pretty good selection, as does Thrifty’s and IGA.

The best are Donald’s Market and Planet Organic, but I believe these are in Vancouver only.

Edit: There IS a Planet Organic in Port Credit.

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Helena said

Safeway and Sobeys have a bit of selection I think, to be honest I don’t really look though… sorry

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momo said

Whole Foods, even their in house brand ones are pretty good. Not sure what differences there might be between US and Canada stores but the one by me has at least a dozen different brands in a decent selection and it’s not even that large of a WF.

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Sil select said

Amanda’s right on whole foods here in Canada. Loblaws has minor things that aren’t your average crap. Health food stores tend to have non typical
Brands as well, hell even shoppers has some.

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tigress_al said

Tetley, Celestial Seasonings, and Twinings are in most grocery stores. Red Rose of course as well, but I don’t like that one as much.

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BoxerMama said

They sell TAZO in walmart here (Ontario). They may carry them at Safeway as well seeing as how Safeway has starbucks and starbucks serves TAZO.

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I found London Drugs has an interesting selection at times – the usual Stash, Lipton, Tetley, Celestial Seasonings, Twinnings. But also I’ve seen some pricey stuff like Mighty leaf, Tazo and Zhena’s (had some neat coconut, chocolate type teas), and Two Hills Matcha. They also got some organic teas.

Also, check out any asian grocery stores – I’ve gotten lots of really good loose leaf genmaichas, rose black teas, oolongs and jasmine teas. They’ll often sell a range of cheap quality to expensive.

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Uniquity said

Winners can have some interesting tea selections if you have one near you. Chapters/Coles also carry some tea now, they have Harneys, among others.

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