Black Jasmine

I have a very old tin of Jackson’s of Piccadilly “Jasmine Blossom Tea,” exported by Jacksons of Piccadilly Ltd. in England, and an old blue tin of Taylor’s of Harrogate “Jasmine Blossom Tea” as well. Both are delicious and pure Jasmine-blossom-China-black-tea blends that are bolder and more satisfying, at least to my taste, than many of the green, white, or even “brown,” (as Harney & Sons call their Jasmine Floral Tea) jasmine teas out there.

Does anyone know why black Jasmine teas seem to have gone out of style? Or perhaps some information about the two companies I mentioned? Many of the big tea companies produce a wide variety of greens to the expense of just one black, and I see here on Steepster that though black Jasmines are still made they are more often infused with other flowers and flavors than left alone.

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ashmanra said

A Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC sells a black jasmine tea, but honestly it was like drinking cologne for me, I love most jasmine green teas, but this was horrible! I even tasted it every few months to see if my tastes changed, but still can’t stomach the stuff! I am sure there are other blends of jasmine black that must be good. That one just didn’t do it for me.

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Thanks for the tip! It would be very interesting if I did try this and thought it was the best thing in the world. Sometimes tastes are like that. But for the moment I’ll take your word for it and search for one with a good review.

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