Hi! I’m new to steepster and the tea universe. I’ve always loved drinking tea but never really ventured outside of the grocery aisle. My husband and I are looking to try new things, but don’t know where to start. We don’t like chai, turmeric, or licorice type flavors. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Welcome to tea and to Steepster! :D A good start would be to click on ‘Teas’ next to the Steepster logo at the top of the page, which will show you the best of the best ratings from Steepster members over the years (though it looks like a couple tea shops are gaming the system with their own ratings at the moment). So those teas are usually the Steepster consensus of good teas.

mrmopar said

Welcome as well. Just read tasting notes to get a feel for something you may like. When you delve into puerh let me know and I will lend a hand.

Lumpkin said

The taste for tea has undergone considerable change. Today, hundreds of teas of distinct origins and qualities are available and new blends of increasingly sophisticated and exotic scented teas are continually being created. I have some good shops to recommend to you.
It should help you learn more about tea.

gmathis said

I often suggest that newbies check out local health food stores or independent grocers where loose leaf tea can be bought by the ounce. That allows you to inexpensively experiment with small quantities while you’re figuring out what you like and don’t like.
From there, you can shop for the good stuff!

Gourmet or natural food stores may have some different tea bags for you to try, though typically tea bags have lower quality tea in them, you might find some ones you like.
Asian markets are a good place to look, they may have loose leaf in different types from a supermarket tea.
Adiago has a lot of information on tea, and they have samplers so you can try other types of tea without buying a whole lot.

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