teaplz said

Tea at Work

So I started my new job, and I’ve been settling in. One of the things that has been baffling me and keeping me a bit miffed is making tea at work. I’ve actually just purchased a Finum Brewing Basket (which I’m completely excited about!), but it’s the water that’s giving me an issue.

We have hot water through the water cooler, but I’m unsure of the temperature. I’ll have to check it. From what I’ve heard from some people, however, that water isn’t really boiling, so black teas would go out the door. I’ll have to check the temperature of the water at my job.

What do you guys use for water at work? How do you brew your tea at work? I’m in a traditional office environment, in a fairly open-air cubicle, but privacy isn’t an issue. I just want to be able to make a consistently good cup of tea as a pick-me-up throughout the day, without having to resort to bringing it from home in a travel mug every day.

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Ricky said

I bring a first cup of tea in my thermos. Then around lunch time I head to the kitchen and boil some water. I timed it and four cups of water boils in about 10 minutes. When I get there, I hit the reboil button and wash my cup. Tadaaaa, I only use tea bags though. I started bringing loose leaves to work. If it’s green tea I cheat / wing it by throwing in cold water.

teaplz said

Ricky, this would be awesome, except I don’t have a kitchen in my office that has some sort of water heater. There’s just the Flavia machine and the water cooler (that has a hot water option).

fcmonroe said

No microwave?

Ricky said

Well we have one of these (http://www.amazon.com/Proctor-Silex-K2070-Automatic-Electric/dp/B00023XCWS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1266119375&sr=8-3) in the kitchen. I don’t see why you couldn’t just keep one by your desk. I actually wanted to do that in the beginning, but then I was like ehh, a few of my coworkers drink tea too so we take turns heading into the kitchen to boil water.

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Gander said

My problem is that I don’t work; I’m a student. My apartment is on campus but can feel pretty far in winter, enough to deter me from frequently going back during the day. I spend most of my day in school buildings, and it’s very difficult to get hot water or boil my own. The school cafeteria should have it, but I never use them because, well, they don’t serve good food. Right now I have a 14oz (I think) thermos tumbler that keeps my first cup warm, but I’m going to carry a 40oz thermos with me like a dork once it arrives.

My friends in Korea don’t have the same problem- Instead of water fountains, they have those cold/hot water machines on every floor on virtually any buildings, mainly because lots of people make tea, instant coffee, or whatever.

As far as the tea itself goes, I usually carry tea bags but if I feel like loose leaf I put them in paper filters, put on a paper clip and in the zip bag.

Jenny said

Are there microwaves available around the campus? I usually just fill my tumbler up with water and use the microwaves scattered across campus. I use my microwavable Aladdin tumbler that has a steeper inside and pack my teas in a pill box actually. Each compartment of the pill box is big enough for one serving of tea.


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I have a hot pot at work on my desk, and in my drawer a little thermometer, filter bags, and loose tea. It is working out really well and I feel like I have everything I need to make a great cup of tea! It doesn’t take up much space on my desk at all.

teaplz said

This might be a great idea, Jacqueline! Which brand do you have? I’m kind of curious. Ricky’s option looks great as well!

I do this, too, except it’s an electric kettle. I always enjoy opening my tea drawer because it’s all tea related items and no work in there! :)

teaplz – Rival Hot Pot Express, 32oz – it was 14.99 at the drugstore and I had a coupon and got it for $9 – best $9 I’ve ever spent!!! I use it for oatmeal too :)

teazen said

I have a similar drawer myself except for the thermometer. I good cup of tea helps me get trough the office day. :)

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Teaspoon said

What about those electric portable immersion element thingys you just plug in and put in your cup for boiling water….Ive seen them on ebay cheap.They look like a three wrap coil of thick aluminum wire attached to a cord that you plug in to ac outlet, surely you have an outlet by your desk.

TeaParT said

I’ve used those on vacation when staying in a motel room. It heats the water but would be difficult to control the temp. I wasn’t heating the water for tea. Ramen noodles for kids doesn’t require much technique!

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Carla said

At work (I work in a restaurant) we have a Bunn coffee machine, with a hot water dispenser on the side of it, which dispenses water at 178 degrees. If I’m having a cup of black, I’ll pour some water into a mug, throw a coffee stirrer in, and microwave it for 38 seconds to bring it up to boiling.

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we have a flavia machine that will dispense hot water, ki have tins of loose tea and te paper filters
i fill a filter with one spoon leaves
put in flavia cup
add rubberbadn to hold in place
tell thing to give me hot water

it works for me

i use blacks, greens, reds, herbals

you may need to steep on the longer suggested end

trash mess when done

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wombatgirl said

I got a electric kettle on amazon for $27 or so, then I bring in that and my ingenuiTea or my tevana perfect tea thingie – the 16 oz size – to work. I’ve marked the side for ounces, then boil the appropriate amount of water, and make tea. For non black teas, I just make sure to stop the kettle before it boils and wing it.

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Dan said

Work, whats work? I’m RETIRED!

teazen said

Yes we need a like button! :)

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In office, I use a cheap plastic electric kettle bought from target. Surprisingly, it doesn’t add any plastic flavor to the water and I am entirely happy with it. Besides, I have a thermo to keep boiled water. I am going to replace it with some outdoor thermo. No thermo functions better than one made for outdoor use. I will get my new thermo from my favorite outdoor equipment store, MEC in Canada!

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AJ said

In the lunch room at work, we actually have a temperature-variable kettle! I don’t know how accurate it is, but I have used it. Although I only have a plastic Tim Horton’s travel mug, which isn’t all that good for tea (not only does it act a bit like a yixing pot, but it also makes everything taste mild and plasticy; I really should go and buy a ceramic or metal travel mug).

In one of the drawers, someone actually left behind a tin of loose leaf. The characters are all in Chinese, but I believe it may be green. There is also a little ziplock bag of some other type of loose leaf in there as well.

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