2nd Annual Los Angeles Tea Festival- Are You Going?

Is anyone planning to attend the Tea Festival in L.A. this year? I’d love to go, but it’s on the opposite side of the U.S. from me.

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Kally Tea said

We went last year for the inaugural event. It was a lot of fun. Not very large, but quite a few people there as well as wonderful seminars and tastings. I’m sure it’s bound to be larger and even better than last years.
We have not decided if we are attending yet. Schedules and all. And it is over 100 miles one way. But it is well worth it for anyone to attend if you are even thinking of going.
Make sure to review the schedule of seminars so you will be there in time to sign up and attend. We missed a couple as they were all full when we went to attend.

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I can’t believe it, but I’m actually thinking of going as sort of a “mommy vacation”! lol

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KallieBoo! said

I really, really want to go! I just have no one to go with me :[

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Mike G said

I’m definitely going, just to see what’s it all about.

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Rob Pash said

What a blast!!! I volunteered again this year and had a great time. I was in charge of brewing tea for three different presentations. Thermometer and timer in hand, I brewed everything from sencha to Pu-erh; 24 pots total. Met some tea people from all over, and stocked up on Pu-erh from Bana Tea.

This festival keeps getting bigger and better!

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