Monthly Giveaway on my Blissful Journey Blog!

Hi friends!
I will be doing a monthly give-away to ONE of my Followers per month starting THIS month!

The “giveaway” will SURELY include TEA at the very least!
All you have to do is be a “FOLLOWER” of my blog!

Thanks! I hope you will join me!
PS: if any of you veg*ns are interested I AM a participant in this years Vegan MoFo as well!~

19 Replies

I love following your blog!

Thanks for following :)

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Azzrian said

A lot of great people on here with a lot of great blogs and personalities!

Blogs are FUN!!! Thanks for following!

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Sare said

LOL Im on it!! Cant wait to read all the stuff i missed! :)

Thanks for reading :)

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How exactly do I follow your blog? Is that just where I put my e-mail??

You will see small icons with avatars and it should say “follow” or “Follow This Blog” on the side :) – I made some tweaks to my blog – changed the template and layout – it now loads quicker…now the follow button is on the left hand side at the top…hope that helps :)

hmm.. I still don’t see a follow button. I see an orange button that just leads to And anything that says ‘follow’ is a list that says ‘followers’ but it looks blank. Maybe it’s my ancient browser.

Okay…sorry…it’s right under follower on the left hand side – the first block – it might be that it’s blank due to browser or blogger not loading quick enough…sorry…BUT…it will actually say JOIN THIS SITE, I believe – once that block loads. Hope that helps

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Sil select said

Yay! Following! Love reading things from fellow steepsterites

Thank you!!!

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I’m following. I didn’t even know you had another blog! :)

I have a few :) Thanks so much!!!!

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Love it! Already stole a few recipes off of it for Thanksgiving!

OH!!!!! Long Time – No See! Welcome Back! Thanks for following, btw!

Yep, I’m Back!!! :) Thanks! I’m very glad to be back!!

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I view your blog on tea once in a while or am I confusing you with another; is there not two of you journal on tea? This yoga blog is different then it seems. You do lots and that is good. I try to do lots but funds etc; I am not known out there as doing anything but a lazy negative person.

I do like this steepster community and hope I am not thrown out. Anyhow, Burlington, Vermont has a great vegan community and Shaws grocery and several restaurants in Barre Vermont has vegan cuisine.

I don’t like Stevia Sweetner though. I am rambling as usual, well good luck with blog. mines are dead since no one reads them. Continue to do well.

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