Help with cleaning Breville One Touch Tea Maker!

I have the Breville One Touch Tea Maker and while I was in the process of moving I guess there was a bit of water inside and now there are small rust colored spots inside the pot and on the metal piece that the basket attaches to. I’ve tried vinegar but it didn’t help:(

Has anyone used something chemical like CLR? Would it be alright if I washed it a zillion times after?

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teevogel said

I don’t know what “CLR” stands for, but I would recommend trying citrus essence or citric acid before going for chemicals. Those are far more powerful than vinegar, but still foodsafe, and I can say from experience that citric acid is really good at cleaing anything metal(I once accidentally cleaned a small kitchen unit by sloshing the contents of a descaled water heater over its metal top – it was all shiny, including the previously rusty-brown looking parts, after I had wiped it dry).

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Azzrian said
Scroll to bottom you will see two types of cleaners – Garrett at Mandala recommended the Zojirushi cleaner – I have used it on my breville and it works wonders!

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I’ll try both suggestions. Thanks!

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mrmopar said

i will second the mandala items

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So glad I found this thread! I love my Breville but the brown discoloration on the bottom was driving me nuts – cream of tartar would improve it, but there was a LOT of elbow grease involved…and it was really short lived!

Anyway, I went ahead and bought both cleaners to try them out in hopes that they work (since I have a lot of tea stained cups as well – black tea and white porcelain really just don’t get along over time).

I do have a few quick questions for those who have used this, though. Since I’ll be using this on the Breville and not the Zojirushi, will I still use the recommended 2 tbsp of powder? And will I just put it on and scrub, or add it to the water and let it boil/sit overnight like the manual advises?

Also – are the ingredients in the cleaner on their labels? I assume they are food safe but in retrospect probably should have checked before buying… I think I was just so eager for a shiny teamaker I kind of spaced on the logistics, haha.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Azzrian said

I believe they are all organic or at least natural cleaners. I never had a problem using them. Good question on “how much” I just poured in about a tablespoon to be honest I didn’t really use much but I remember I added a bit more. Garret of Mandala would be the best to ask this of. I put mine in with water – let it soak for about an hour non heated and the stuff just came right off! :)

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