Oh, NO! No more green tea for me?! This can't be real.

I was in the hospital last week with a blood clot in my lung. It wasn’t a big one so they didn’t have to operate and my body will probably reabsorb it. But I was found to have a blood clotting disorder which means that I have to be on coumadin for the rest of my life. When you are on coumadin you can’t have any GREEN TEA. That’s right.

No matcha.

No genmaicha.

No. More. Graveyard. Mist.

I have so many samples and purchased green teas and matchas I haven’t even gotten to try yet. I am going to have to send out major sample boxes. This just hit me this morning. At the hospital when they told me I couldn’t drink green tea with coumadin, for some reason I was thinking “no big deal, it’s short-term” but it just HIT ME that this is the rest of my life. Somebody send me a Wahhhhhhhhhhmbulance!

OK, done whining. Just had to get that off my chest and I knew you guys would understand the severity of that restriction, even though to most people it wouldn’t be that big a deal at all.

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BoxerMama said

I’m so sorry to hear that! Definitely unfortunate for someone who enjoys green tea. I’m glad you’re okay though!

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Sil select said

I’m really glad to hear you’re ok Rachel though I’m really sorry to hear about the green tea situation. That really sucks :(

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Ellyn select said

Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear that. What does green tea do with the meds that other tea does not?

Also, I am glad you are okay!

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tperez said

Aww! So sorry to hear about that! Does that include light oolongs and white teas too? That sencha I sent is going to be taunting you :( haha

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Sare said

Im so Sorry hun:( i have little green tea so if there is anything in my cupboard that you find interesting and would like to try in other sorts of tea then green let me know! Ide be happy to send some tea your way to fill the void

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Babble said

WOW! I’m glad you are okay, but I also feel so bad from a fellow tea lover.

I want to know too what makes green tea no good. Have you done extensive research on this? There’s no way around this? Don’t give up hope on your Graveyard Mist just yet.

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Are there not other medication options available? My sister had a blood clot in her brain back in January and was on a few different meds for a while, one will likely be permanent but I can’t remember what it is. But she can’t eat grapefruit while on it, not green tea (neither of which matter/would matter to her since she hates tea and despises grapefruit).

That really sucks :( Hugs to you!

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Oh no, so sorry to hear about your blood clotting disorder and that you can’t have green tea anymore.

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As long as you are doing ok thats the main thing, but oh you poor thing! No joke, you review of Graveyard Mist is what made me pick some up and start trying green teas again.

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Thank you to everyone for reading my sob story and commiserating with me.

Just FYI about green tea. It has Vitamin K in it. When you have an autoimmune anticoagulant disorder and you are on coumadin, you have to go to an anticoagulant clinic fairly often to see if a certain level, called the INR, is at a certain number. If you have too much Vitamin K in your system, the number will be too low and you’ll have to keep adjusting your coumadin and coming back until it is high enough.

I think, to really poorly simplify it, coumadin is for making your blood less sticky and Vitamin K makes it more sticky, which is fine for most people because you WANT your blood to clot when you get a cut or whatever. But if you have a disorder where your body is trying to get your blood to clot inside you for no reason, having extra sticky stuff in your blood is not a good idea. That’s how I understand it. But it was explained to me while I was in the hospital and could barely keep my eyes open so if anyone out there catches a mistake in what I said, they are probably correct.

From what I gather, as long as you are consistent in how much green tea (or vitamin K rich foods in general) you consume each day, they should be able to adjust your medication with that in mind, so you can have your tea and drink it too. But that’s just what I gather from reading internet stuff about vitamin K and coumadin interactions

Edited to add: I found this interesting: “Dried green tea leaves have a very high concentration of vitamin K, but a cup of brewed green provides only a small amount, 0.03 mcg per 3.5 fluid ounces (roughly half a cup)” What I gather from this is that while the leaves themselves are high in VitK, the brewed tea itself is fairly low. You’d be more at risk eating a bowl of spinach salad than a cup of green tea. but then again I could be totally wrong. Worth talking more in depth with your doctor about!

That’s hopeful. I go to the anticoagulant clinic on Monday. I’m going to ask them if I could have a certain amount each week, like three cups a week or something. I’d still have to “liquidate” a lot of what I have but I could keep a few of my most beloved green teas.

It’s definitely worth asking! Good luck!

Cedes said

My stepdad has a clot in his lung aswell. He drinks one cup of tea everyday. They say as long as he sticks to the same amount each week he will be fine.

This is true (I’m a pharmacologist) – in most cases, as long as you keep your vitamin K intake the same, they can adjust the meds to you. But you have to drink a cup of green tea EVERY DAY. Whether you feel like it or not. And if different types of green tea have varying levels of vitamin K you might need to drink the same type every day. It’s a possible solution if you love your green tea!

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