teavivre delivery time

I had two previous orders with teavivre go off without a hitch, arriving within a week. This last order I placed was 23 days ago and counting. Is anyone else experiencing a holdup in delivery from them?

Sorry for complaining, I’m missing my milk oolong, that’s all. :)

update: received the order on Friday. The box was rather battered and not completely sealed anymore. Not sure if it was opened along the way? Three weeks later makes the free shipping not worthwhile. If I order from them again, I’d definitely spring for the expedited shipping.

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forsythia said

I’m not familiar with this company but do they have a way for you to track your order? Sounds as tho it was lost! Someone else may be enjoying your milk oolong. I would be contacting teavivre asap.

momo said

My last one took 3 weeks, before it was only 2. The tracking does not help at all because USPS doesn’t even bother half the time to start tracking it until it’s a day away from delivery. Give it at least 6 weeks, it’s typical of international shipping to take that long, even longer.

Babble said

I’ve never officially ordered from them but I received samples from them and it took a little over a month. When I finally place an order with them I plan to upgrade to the faster shipping.

Uniquity said

I ordered from them recently and it was shipped on October 11, but has not arrived yet and tracking leads nowhere. I’m assuming the mail system is just running slow – not that it helps me be any more patient! It’s frustrating that the only tracking number I have slaims the parcel doesn’t exist, but for all I know it hasn’t even reached Canada yet.

It may be held up at customs. They don’t stop every incoming package so that may be why your tea arrived faster last time. Hope you get it soon!

I’ve received samples from them, and sometimes it takes a month or two. I’ve never placed an actual order, though.

I have only received samples, not yet to have placed an order. Sorry for your wait time.

I received samples from them and actually ordered from them a few times. If you’re just getting samples from them it can take up to a month. If you made an actual order with them, then it depends on what you picked for shipping. If you picked the free shipping it will most likely take up to a month to get to you. I did 10-14 day shipping last time and got it on time.

I have never received a package from them in a weeks time. My guess is that you were lucky before, usually it takes a while. So I would suggest just wait another week. If you don’t receive your package by next Friday then I would contact them. Until then, patience :)

Whereabouts do you live? wondering the Hurricane Sandy affected anything


Darth select said

I ordered from Teavivre and received the package within about 10 days from when they notified me they had shipped it from China. The tracking number and postal website at the very least showed me when it arrived in the US (Chicago). I was amazed at the shipping time. This was just a few weeks ago (end of October).

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