Holiday Deals at Stone Leaf Tea

Hi Steepsters!

We just redesigned our webstore at Stone Leaf Tea (

Come check it out and get free shipping within the US and Canada on any purchase of $20 or more through Dec. 31st! Just enter the code “Happy Steepings” in the coupon field during checkout to receive free shipping. As usual, we’ll also include a surprise free sample with any and all purchases!

We also have some great things on sale. 20% off Nepal Second Flush from Kuwapani Estate. 10% off 2012 Bi Luo Chun, Hojicha, and Winter 2011 Muja Tie Guna Yin. We’ve also discounted some whole Puer cakes – our 2010 Stone Leaf Tea select Nannuo Shan Raw Puer and a 2009 Xinghai Ripe Puer. Follow this link to see the full list and some of our new arrivals.

In addition, we have some great new tea ware! Check out the exquisite hand made Kyusus from the Houzan family in Shigaraki, Japan.
See these great pots and more new tea ware here:

Happy Holidays and Happy Steepings!

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CupofTree said

Great selection of tea and unique teaware! I would definitely make a purchase but I just can’t right now :( Will bookmark!

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No Problem CupofTree. These deals are good through the rest of the year, and there will always be new sales and new stuff added next year too! Thanks for checking us out.

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Azzrian said

Stone Leaf Tea is good stuff! HIGHLY recommended!

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ugh another tea company I have wanted to try out and right after I completed my holiday tea spending :\

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Sil select said

Azzrian, any “must haves” you’d recommend?

Azzrian said
Sil select said

thank you! lol i knew you’d have something :)

Azzrian said

I would love to get some more but been shopping for others lol as soon as I have funds I spend em :)
Get some – I have been very impressed with Stone Leaf!

Sil select said

Starting to make a list so that i know what i want to pick up as soon as i can a)sip down a few of my teas and b)get some funds myself. Here’s to hoping the christmas bonus is decent this year

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Thanks for the kind words Azzrian! We love hearing back from satisfied customers.

The Bi Luo Chun mentioned above is currently on sale – 10% off.

Also, if you liked the Zin Hsuan Golden Daylily, we’ve just added a house roasted Zin Hsuan that is sure to please. This current batch is from the Winter 2011 harvest, and we’ve been roasting it at our Teahouse in VT since the leaves began to fall a few months ago. We just released it a few days ago. It has retained much of its green color, but it has gained a wonderful buttered popcorn and toasted coconut flavor with just a hint of floral aroma. A great tea to get you through the winter!

Other must haves:
Summer 2012 Gui Fei Cha – A hard to find rolled Eastern Beauty variety from San Lin Xi in central Taiwan

Spring 2012 Li Shan – the always wonderful High Mountain Oolong. The best Taiwan has to offer…

Spring 2012 Kabusecha – a partially shade grown Japanese green somewhere between a Sencha and a Gyokuro

I could go on, but I’ll leave you with those for now…

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