gvl said

Newbie looking for some guidance...

New to the game and was looking to set up a daily routine:
What teas should I be drinking every day and how much of each?
Suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas?

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Welcome! That is totally up to you!!! :)
I, personally, drink tea – all day – everyday – but understand not everyone can or wants to do that. I try and get a good amount of each type of tea most days to get the benefits of each, too.

Personally, I always start my day with at least a few black teas and then move on to others…Green, White, Yellow, Rooibos, Yerba Mate, Honeybush, Herbals, Blends, flavors, Matchas, Oolongs, etc…

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Welcome to Steepster. And Welcome to tea.

Like TeaEqualsBliss said, it is entirely up to you. You will find that tea can be quite complex or quite simple. There are hundreds of varieties of tea that all taste and behave completely different from one another.

Most prefer to drink stronger teas in the morning and move on to weaker (i.e. less caffeinated) teas in the afternoon.

FYI Black teas have the most caffeine, followed by Oolong, then Green, then White.

Alternatively (and most cost effective), you can brew one tea in the morning and re-brew it throughout the day. Each brew will be progressively weaker with less caffeine. Many tea drinkers do this. This is generally only possible with higher quality tea.

Here’s some straight-forward info: http://www.hugotea.com/#tea

Welcome to Steepster!

Tyler Beckett
Founder, Hugo Tea Company

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Serenity said

Here’s a guide to being new to loose tea:

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Welcome to Steepster!
You should drink tea that you like:)
I personally start my day with a black tea and then move on to greens and oolongs in the afternoon and end my day with a herbal tea.
I used to be a coffee drinker so I easily handle a robust black tea in the morning.
However if you are also new to caffeine as well, you might want to ease into tea drinking, because although it does not have as high caffeine content as coffee or some energy drinks, it certainly can give you the jitters or a stomach ache if you are not used to drinking caffeine at all.
But, most of all, have fun!
Tea has so many varieties/flavors/origins and is such a delicious journey to partake on:)

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Zeks said

Why should you even think of daily routine? Drink what you want when you want and that’s it :) At least I do

Em said

I would agree with Zeks! I like to mix it up every day. I find joy in having no rules or routine with my tea drinking. Life has enough of that :)

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Katiek said

Welcome! And I agree with everyone – drink what appeals to you!

You might want to try a variety sampler from a high quality tea vendor if you’re still exploring, so that you can try lots of different kinds without investing a lot up front.

I prefer black tea, and like a lot of flavored teas. I know there are a lot of people who prefer “pure” tea and think flavored isn’t real tea, but nobody has ever been anything but encouraging here at Steepster. As I’ve gotten more familiar with different kinds of tea, I’ve tried different things but I still mainly drink flavored black tea, or a mix of black and green.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, that’s something to consider and if you’re not sure what you like, there are plenty of people here who will have some great suggestions of different things to try.

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I also drink tea all day every day, but I was a heavy coffee drinker before so the caffeine is still a huge decrease and it doesn’t bother me. Explore your tastes on Steepster, check out the reviews on some teas you’ve tried and see how yours compare.

Take recommendations from people who have liked the same teas you do, browse websites to find flavors and teas that appeal to you (Della Terra, Davids Tea, Adagio, Verdant, Compass, Upton etc).

Adagio is a great place to get started because you can order really affordable sample sizes of teas so you can see what tastes you like best. Drink what you like, when you want it, and soon you’ll be tea obsessed like us!!

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Uniquity said

I don’t have a reaction to caffeine so I drink what I want, when I want. However, many others aren’t that fortunate, so you might have to do some fun trial and error – get a few samples of different kinds of tea and figure out what tastes you like and how they affect you. Depending on the varietal, some greens, whites and oolongs can actually have lots more caffeine than blacks. Then there are herbals, mate, guayusa, matcha, all that good stuff.

I advise drinking what tastes good – if you want/need to add milk or sugar then go for it! Drink tea and be happy. : )

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Drink what is given to you if you don’t currently have a stock-full/cupboard of tea in due time, you will find that you don’t have enough room and 24 hours is not enough time for the drinking/taking and having tea; not in that order. Happy teas and welcome.

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