Rich select said

Shipping delays from China

I’m still waiting on a shipment from Yunnan Sourcing that was sent out at the end of February. And another one I placed last month. What kinds of delays are you all seeing these days?

If y’all can read this part, I can’t post replies so I’ll write here. Just got my first shipment today, ordered on February 24. Glad it arrived!

Doing ok mrmopar! Glad I amassed some tea for this dry spell. Hope you and yours are doing well!

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Firstblush said

From Japan, 2 orders placed on 3/30. From China, 3 placed on 4/7. I not holding my breath. Lesson learned.

mrmopar said

I have one stuck since 3/15 .
How you holding up buddy? Been a rough couple of months.

I have several orders that I’m waiting on. I had anticipated about a month delay, but I’m now close to two months. It’s looking like I won’t be placing very many tea orders this year…

I have three orders I’m waiting on: from Bitterleaf, Yunnan Sourcing, and TeaVivre. Placed the Bitterleaf one mid-March, the Yunnan Sourcing in early April, and the TeaVivre in late April. They are all in transit, but that’s rather meaningless these days. Patience is essential I believe, and I’m not expecting to see them delivered anytime soon. Call it the cost of doing business during COVID-19. I’m sure I’ll get them someday, but in the meantime I won’t be doing any more ordering unless it’s shipped domestically.

Same here. Waiting for orders from Yunnan Sourcing, Bitterleaf, and Teavivre. I definitely learned my lesson and will be holding off on more orders. Though, I did receive an order from Taiwan Tea Crafts in less than 2 weeks.

LuckyMe said

Yunnan Sourcing is quoting shipping times of up to 12 weeks from China depending on the shipping method. Yikes! I’ll bear the long wait times though for Anji Bai Cha because it was that good last year.

Going to take a pass on Teavivre this year because they’ve temporarily stopped offering samplers. I love their green teas but 50g-100g of any one tea is too much.

Will pick up my dragonwells and usual Laoshan greens from Verdant once they’re in stock. The nice thing about them is they’re US based so shipping is super fast.

Japan Post suspended all shipments to the US last month so FedEx is the only option from Japan at the moment. It’s quite expensive but over on TeaForum, people are reporting shipments arriving in less than 24 hours. I’m dying to get my hands on some Shincha but have to wait until all of the new teas arrive at Yuuki-Cha as multiple orders are too cost prohibitive.

Luckily, Taiwan seems to be the one tea country where shipping hasn’t been impacted by Covid. Taiwan Tea Crafts and Tea from Taiwan are my old standbys for high mountain oolongs.

Firstblush said

Just received my order from 4/8 today from Tokyo. Patience is golden, but is still a pain in the butt!!

LuckyMe said

Got my Yunnan Sourcing order yesterday. Took 8 days using China Post EMS. Very fast, but more expensive than my usual small parcel option which isn’t viable anymore.

annie said

I’m only waiting on an order from Yunomi that has been stuck in Japan since early April :(

Firstblush said

Ditto from Yunomi. Waiting for a nice Shiboridashi teapot for one since 3/30. Topic Tea just came yesterday since 4/9.
That leaves Yunomi, Hibiki-an and TeaVivre. C’mon guys!!

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