569 Tasting Notes


This is incredibly unique, and was such a pleasant surprise. So sweet- brown sugar, molasses, and honey, with a nice malty twist. I can imagine this would actually be wonderful with some milk and honey.

Flavors: Brown Sugar, Honey, Molasses

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drank Chestnut by Lupicia
569 tasting notes

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drank Happy Camper by Aera Tea
569 tasting notes

I drank this a few days ago, and can’t remember much about it, other than I felt pretty neutral about it.

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Pretty standard ripe pu’erh. Not something I need to purchase again, but perfectly fine.

Flavors: Leather, Oak wood, Smoke

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My TeaVivre order arrived! With all of the crazy shipping delays, I’d lost hope for a few orders that I’ve been waiting on. But, this appeared out of nowhere a few days ago. It’s a very, very small order (about 5 samples), but I was excited to try this one in particular. It’s pretty much exactly as I hoped it would be. Really beautiful, loud jasmine fragrance and flavor. So floral and wonderful, and it goes so well with the raw Pu’er, which is very mild, grassy, and tangy.

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Wow. I would’ve sworn this tea had added ingredients/flavors if I didn’t know better. It’s a blast of floral aromatics. So strongly perfumed. The flavor is similarly floral and explosive. Really interesting, but not something I would purchase again at the price point.

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I haven’t been drinking any flavored teas lately. I just haven’t been in the mood. Because of that, I’ve been going through a lot of my single origin tea sample fairly quickly, which I consider a good thing! I have a few orders that I’m waiting on, but aside from those, I’m waiting until my cupboard falls below 250 to purchase any new teas. Hopefully I can keep to my self-imposed tea band this time.

As for this tea, it’s interesting. Brewing at 200degrees creates an incredible jasmine aroma, a floral flavor, and slight acidity. Lower temperatures yield quite a strong sweet potato flavor, but still with that acidity. Because of the slight sourness, this just isn’t my favorite.


I’m doing the same, but trying to get below 100 before I buy any new teas. I’ve just got below 300 ha, I’ve got a long way to go.


It’s so tough! I love getting tea mail.


Ugh I know!

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I’m finding that if I’m going to drink a roasted oolong, I want it more heavily oxidized. While this is more pleasant than the deep roast Bao Zhong, it still covers up all of the subtlety and nuance of the unroasted Bao Zhong. I’m finding this to be a nondescript- some artichoke and roasted vegetables, with a bit of nuttiness. But, I’d much prefer the Bar Zhong in an unfrosted format.

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Hello! I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and 3 cats [+however many foster cats I have at the moment]. I’m also obsessed with all things spooky.

I became obsessed with the world of tea through DavidsTea years ago. I love to try new brands, so I’m constantly on the look out for new-to-me companies.

Favorite Brands:
Bird and Blend
The Necessiteas
August Uncommon
Jolie Tea Co.

Favorite flavors:

Most mint
Red Rooibos

Though, I’ll taste anything once!

I mainly brew western style.I like my tea extremely strong, so I tend to use wayyyyy more dry leaf than suggested.



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