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So Ive been twice, and got some tea to go. I got a cup of iced tea, dragonwell, and it was so bad i had to throw it away, very bitter. I thought it mightve just been the tea, but I went back in and got a hot tea, and I notice two very wrong things about this, the water was boiling and they left the bag in there (seemed like a high quality pyramid bag, but just a no-no leaving it in there)
But it seems like everyone likes there tea, should I still look there for buying the leafs?

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TeaLady441 said

They usually leave my bag in, but I just take it out myself and resteep it later. I find this happening more, but I think it might be because they are swamped with customers and have holiday staff on too who are more focused on selling tea.

I would recommend just trying the leafs! The great thing about DavidsTea is that you can smell (and look at the ingredients) of all the teas and you can buy any quantity you want in-store. If I like the smell, but am not sure I’ll like it, I usually start with 25g.

I don’t know what kind do of tea you like so I won’t give you recs, but you can look under the Steepster reviews and see how popular some of these teas are.

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they have two different taps – one for greens/whites/sensitive teas, and one for blacks/hearty teas. they usually put the bag in your cup and let you take it out when it’s to your taste as everyone likes theirs a little bit different. You CAN ask for them to do it in the steeper, but with the christmas rush I don’t feel like it’s fair to expect that. I generally dislike dragonwell, even short steeped, so I would never want it iced. it could just be that you don’t like it, period.

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So everyone thinks David’s tea is a fine establishment? I guess I just judged to quickly

Sil select said

I find their teas to be on the average side of things…there are other places I’d rather frequent :) not bad, but not the best either

I agree with Sil. Their tea may not be top of the line, best of the best, but it’s still good quality, fair priced, and lots of varieties/blends to choose from. They’ve made tea accessible and fun for anyone, and I think that that, paired with their amazing customer service, is what keeps me going back. There are other companies I’d go to for straight teas, but for blends DT is my go-to!

Uniquity said

I am a big fan of David’s tea even though I don’t like many of the newer blends. They are increasing their pure tea options lately which I appreciate. I don’t think they are the best place to go for hot tea but their leaf is decent quality. If you do get a tea to go then keep an eye on the steep time and toss the bag when it’s at your desired taste. Hope you have better luck in future if you try again! :)

I don’t have experience with Davids tea, but I just wanted to chime in with a reminder that there are many options for where to find your loose leaf tea, once you get into looking for them. Also, even in the companies I like, and the types of tea I like, there are individual qualities to the batch. I may like 5 different kinds of chai, sencha, and gen mai. but my favorites may not all be from the same tea company.

Some online companies still take mail order too.

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Lynxiebrat said

I would try them a few more times, particularly when it isn’t busy, like the crazy season that is going on now.

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Sare said

I love the tea I get from them, never been to a store though but Ben I steep my own tea it’s perfect!

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I love their tea, but the location I go to seems to have completely stopped using the Steeper for hot drinks and give the tea to you in a tea bag no matter how dead it is. I am fed up with it, personally.

TeaLady441 said

I wonder if they’re just under the (mistaken) impression that people don’t want to wait in store while it brews?

have you ever just asked for them to make it in a steeper? Cuz I guarantee you they would! And i don’t think it’s a mistaken impression. I am a tea fanatic and I wouldn’t want to wait while my tea brewed in a steeper most of the time. Just ask. They’ll do it.

I keep meaning to, and keep forgetting, you know? Then I get the cup with the bag in it and I’m kinda like wtf. I used to go to the Teaopia in my mall to get tea, and they never, ever used tea bags, and neither does Teavana now in their place. So it kinda throws me every time. I’m sure they would use a steeper if I asked, but I find the idea of asking awkward, like Starbucks customers being fussy about a single degree of water temp, etc.

I do honestly think it undermines their brand to do this. I freely admit that I use filter bags a lot at home (laaazy), but if I go to a tea store, I’m deeply startled not to have tea brewed the proper amount of time in an infuser.

DAVIDs is about making tea fun and accessible. Waiting up to 15 minutes for a cup of tea is not accessible for most people. If you want a steeper used, they’ll do it. And your tea will even be ready faster because YOU won’t have to wait for a steeper to be freed up.
I guess I’m just sticking up for them because I love them, but you keep forgetting and yet you’re continuing to blame them for it. There are people that do ask for this and a lot of us do it with teas in the store while we’re working. It’s not a weird request at all. Even if I had already started a tea and the customer said “oh shoot I meant to ask for it in a steeper” I’d redo it. I want you to be happy!

blinks I think you’re missing my point. I forget because I expect a tea store to make tea properly.

I get your point. I’m telling you I disagree because the idea of “making tea properly” is a bit baffling to me. If you make tea in a way that makes tea, that’s proper.
A gravity infuser is just ONE of many options, and everyone has their favourites. The tea bags might not give you the absolute best flavour but they are the quickest and by and large, I don’t think people really care either way when buying a cup to go. Most people in the store dont’t want to wait 10 minutes for their to go cup. They want to get back to work/shopping/whatever they’re doing. For those that choose to wait, that’s always 100% an option.
You may be there drinking tea and shopping for tea and that’s all you have to do. That’s awesome, those days are the best. However, the 100 mall employees coming in on their 30 minutes lunch break are not going to feel the same way. David’s is about making tea fun and accessible. And part of that is offering the quickest easiest drink service they can because that’s what the majority of the people getting cups to go want.
Getting upset because you want your drink make slightly differently than most people and you having to ask for that just seems unfortunate.

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I think that judging DAVIDs off of 2 to-go cups of the same tea is a mistake. What kinds of teas do you usually drink Zachery?

Yeah, my mind isnt totally made, as you can see from my apprehension to signing them off as crap so fast, which im not, but those two problems did throw me.
I drink a lot of different teas. Anything from Darjeeling, to a flavored green, to an oolong.

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Sare said

on this Festive morning i have made myself Davids Santas Secret and its wonderful!

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