There seemed to be enough interest in this so I thought I would start a thread for the first challenge! Anyone can participate! For this challenge you much use TEA as well as CHICKPEAS – any other ingredients are welcome. When posting your recipe/pics/results/etc PLEASE note in bold if it holds a special diet in mind. Others may comment on yours for alt ingredients to make it a certain way to apply to other diets, too! The more ideas the welcome!

For example if it’s a dish that is SAD (Standard American Diet) ingredients and a vegetarian or vegan has alt ingredients that may suggest that as a reply. Also…if it’s done with wheat/other ingredients and a Gluten-Free person has an alt ingredient that would make it gluten-free that is also welcomed, too!

We’ll run this thread thru January 6th, 2013 and see how it goes to see if it should be once a month or less :)

Have fun! Can’t wait to see what you all create!

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Yay! As soon as I recover from this flu, I’m all over this!!!

Recoop soon!!!! Hope you feel better!

Thank you! I’ve been too sick the last two days I haven’t even had the energy to make tea!!!! Hoping today is a better day!

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TEB, I love chickpeas almost as much as tea. Hummus, Chana Massala, bessan roti; I put them into a dish with Thai brown jasmine and cargo rice, American stews and of course salads. Sometimes I cook them then roast them with spices for a snack.

But I’ve never seen or tasted a receipe that mixed them with tea. Can you start us off with one?

I could LIVE on Hummus! :)
I have a bunch I have to eat first but I do hope to try a few with TEA very soon! :)

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Hmmm, so I was just thinking I wonder what soaking dried chickpeas in lapsang souchong would do. I think I would probably want to make a smoky and spicy hummus with red peppers.

THAT sounds neat!

When you say soaking the “dried chick peas” in lapsang, are you thinking of the overnight soak? Because usually most people discard the overnight soak water before cooking chickpeas to avoid gas and toxins. So if you soaked the dry chick peas in lapsong, would you then cook the soaked garbanzos in fresh clear water, or add new tea?

When I make Chinese eggs I hard boil them first in clear water, lightly crack the shells all over and then simmer them for about 40 minutes in lapsang souchang tea with all the other herbs like orange peel, star anise etc. So that might be another way to prepare the garbanzos: soak regularly overnight then cook for two hours or so in lapsong or other strong black tea.

I was thinking of discarding the tea water then cooking them in new tea water but thinking about it now that might be a tad on the strong side. Perhaps just cooking them in lapsang would work best.

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(feel free to tweak to suit your diet)

Mine is up!!! Check out my blog! When you get there you will see there is a clickable link to the original recipe – that’s where you will find the TEA I used. Oops! I took this pic before I added the chickpeas! DRAT! They are in there, tho, I’m eating it right now! LOL :)

Sounds tasty.

Hmmm, I wonder what a green tea infused hummus would be like. But maybe a more vegetal tea, like a sencha, rather than an oolong>

I hope to do some Tea Hummus’s soon! :)

Sil select said

tea hummus sounds delicious

Wow, that looks awesome. Might try that with a pilaf rice. Yums!

You just reminded me of one of my favorite fast dishes to make. I do this rice dish that has onions, cumin seeds, lemon rind, lemon juice, chickpeas and vegan butter. I wonder what tea I could use with that.

Not to derail the topic, but Butki, you just gave me another idea. I enjoy making (well, and eating) a Middle Eastern dish called Mujaddara, which is mostly green lentils, rice and carmelized onions. I think now that I will try to cook either the rice or lentils in tea. It’s a strongly flavored dish due to the carmelized onions so it might take a few tries to get the right tea to use.

Foolongthehill-Cooking lentils in tea sounds like an awesome idea. I might try that with our Keemun for a mushroomy, earthy flavor. That Mujaddara dish sounds delicious!

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Bonnie said

Sorry next time maybe when it’s something I’m not allergic to.

You’re allergic to Chickpeas? OMG…I’m SO SORRY! That must SUCK!

Just garbanzos, or all beans? I’ve had hummus made from white beans, canneloni I think.

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Bonnie said

All beans, potatoes,tomatoes,peppers and eggplant make me very sick (rooibos, honeybush, licorice) but there’s lots of good stuff left! I used to do the whole vegan thing but have to have dairy for protein now. Squash and sweet potato and cauliflower are adaptable subsitutions sometimes.

OMG! I’m so sorry! I really think I eat Tomatoes and Beans everyday at least once! :( That’s GOT to be hard!

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