ssajami said

Anyone order tea on Etsy?

Does anyone here have any experience buying tea blends on Etsy? Stopped drinking tea for a few years but lately have had an urge for flavored whites / greens / rooibos. I am looking for vendors with a variety, and have found quite a few Etsy vendors. Anyone tried these? Also any suggestions for vendors with flavored teas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have ordered tea on Etsy. Mostly I ignore anyone just selling catalog wholesale tea blends (those coming from Metropolitan Tea Co., Wollenhaupt, Dethlefsen & Balk, International Tea Importers, etc.) since those are easy to find from a plethora of small tea shops. Instead I look at the ones that make their own tea blends (or at least claim to, in the shop description) and I’ve found several small-batch blenders on there (mostly creating herbal tisanes). Mostly I order my teaware from Etsy; that tends to be the first place I go when it comes teaware.

I have tried Casablanca tea company and I was happy with the result:

Also, for teaware, I can suggest Tangpin, and I have tried one of their teas and it’s not bad.

Shae said

Thank you, Martin, for mentioning Tangpin because I just found THIS:

You are welcome. I just hope I didn’t broke you buying ban with it :D

Shae said

Oh no, I already broke it on my own. Lasted about 7 days into the new year. :D

I have a tiny teapot and teacup I got from Tangpin that I really love.

Dustin said

I recently bought a mint black from Dreamweavershop and it was not at all what I was hoping for. Haven’t found anyone promising.

Skysamurai said

I think you really just have to do some research into who you are buying from . I have one lady I buy from Brooke Birch Tea Shoppe and she does really good herbal blends.

Yeah you’re right, I just wanted to know people’s opinion on buying tea from Etsy instead of a place like Yunnan. I bought tea from two sellers with 5/5 star and hundreds of reviews, so I hope they’re fine

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