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Hurray! A new subscription from Bird and Blend Tea company arrives! I was wondering what is in? I don´t reveal that to myself. Hmm, two rooibos blends and one green tea blend. Let´s start with green one.

A chinese sencha does not make me much happy. I prefer “orginal” – from Japan. Hibiscus, orange peel, red cornflowers – okay I guess. Yup, flavouring, they say a natural. We will see.

When I opened the sachet, a grapferuit arome struck my nose. And I was right in the summer! Really fresh scent combined with mouth flavouring aromas. I do not know what makes it but I am really salivate. Hehe.

Took a tea spoon and something to strainer, closed it, boiled water to about 80 °C as they suggest. The leaves are quite big, bit broke though. Big pieces of other stuff, as orange peel, cornflowers and hibiscus. Looks pretty nice.

I just added a water, expected it is going to be green! WRONG! It is turning red, apparently a raspberry red. Became quite dust, lots of small pieces went through the mesh. I don´t mind.

The aroma is unexpectly grapefruit, but bit like other red fruits, like raspberries, strawberries. Bit of mint I smell there ,but it should not be there. None of buttery notes they advertise.

In taste, it is mouth-filling citrus fruits, mostly, again, grapefruit. Slightly tart, as grapefruit is. Bit of green tea notes are in the background. Smooth.

I am puzzled. It tastes good, but no grapefruits there. It is green tea, which turns red. It is tart, but smooth. I can really imagine it iced, but it is just spring. Probably unexpecatbly high rating for this one, as I like it, but it is not really my cup as it is fruit blend. I would rather name it fruit-green blend.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 350 ML

It seems even a tiny amount of hibiscus wilk turn the tea red!

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Whoa, this tea is going to be MALTy! That was my first thought when I took the tea bag out from its foil prison. It is 7 pm, but no, I want a full-bodied black tea today. I had “just” fresh mint tea today.

I have found out it is blend of Irish Breakfast, Russian Caravan and Orange Pekoe. Yup, certainly all three are definition of malty teas. Strong, malty teas. I do not expect much but something strong. Liquor colour is dark brown, hardly to see bottom of the mug. And I steeped it for not even 2 minutes while they suggest 3 or 4. Izzy – they are probably wrong again :D On water level there is big puddle of oil. Or looks like that. Weird, but whatever.

Cuppa is small with my name – about 200 ml. Aroma is malty, bit smoky and jam. Weird combination. Bit of fruits there too! Actually quite pungent. Tastes pretty sweet – maybe I took it out just right time, with bitter aftertaste. Malty as well. But the taste does not linger for long. Like it is there, gulp, and it is gone.

It is light, but full-bodied tea. Bit better than expected. Certainly worth trying.

Boiling 2 min, 15 sec 7 OZ / 200 ML

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I wonder where I get this one. I had hoard of tea, both tea and tea bags from different swaps, tags, I dunno what else. Maybe it was from Australia? If so, then it had really long trip.

They suggest 1-3 minutes steep with freshly boiled water and that was what I actually did. Dry tea bag smelled very fragrant of mango and exotic fruits. That sounds good. In the mug it goes! After about two minutes steep I was scared I have oversteeped it. It turned out quite dark and quite opaque. It was like some used motor oil, or, in terms of tea – shu pu-erh. Interesting!

In aromas it was stil lvery similar – I think I smelled quite nice fresh fruits, mostly exotic as mango is. In backgroud it was strong and bit bitter black tea base.

In taste it was certainly a black tea, little biting and bitter; but still as well fresh due to fruit flavours. Certainly it was not oversteeped, I think it was just right. Good afternoon choice.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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Another cup of this one. Apparently it is a while when I had it last time. I have not slept well, so green tea sounded quite good for me. I feel so weird recently, I hope it will be much better ASAP. I am already tired of that.

Anyway to the tea, I took a mug, added some leaves in, filled with +- 80 degrees water and sipping. Today it turned out quite vegetal, with hay notes. Also remained very smooth and without bitterness. Maybe bit of spinach.
I did not cared about colour and aromas this time.

Nice tea which made me feel bit better this morning.

Flavors: Hay, Smooth, Spinach, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 12 OZ / 350 ML

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Finally I had time for a more complex tea than some tea bags.
I sample from Derk and I really like it.

Preheated gaiwan, 3 grams of tea.
Oh, right after first notes started to appear! Mineral as well spicy, grapes, other stone fruits. Hmm, very, very interesting.

No rinse; too lazy to do it. I did not even had some precious time managment, just brewing as I like it. Once it was 30 seconds, then 90 seconds. I don´t care :D I was just preparing it somehow.

Tastes? Oh, so many. Red grapes probably most, but there are mineral notes, pine, forest floor, kinda woody, come on? It is so complex as well very velvety, smooth, cooling down a bit I guess. It is so good! Really! Maybe I feel bit nostalgic, as I also noticed antique shop aromas and as well a old books. Really fancy tea!

Derk, why you have not send me more? I would love to try it in different ways too! But of course it is bit ironic; it is lovely tea and really thank you for this sample.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 45 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 85 ML

Lol, I know, I know. It was the last of my bag!

Martin Bednář

It is nice that I had chance to try it


Glad you liked it, Martin. It’s my favorite black tea.

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drank Calm by Tazo
77 tasting notes

I did pretty bad work yesterday; so something to calm my nerves a bit I guess. More over I am so sleepy that I don´t know if I can finish this mug.

Anyway, apparently another chamomile blend. Maybe in the end I will like it. Spearmint, blackberrry leaves, peppermint. That sounds good. Had to google what is safflower. Probably something for colour. Lemon balm – nice!

The brew is orange-brown. Kinda clear with bit of dust on bottom. In aroma it is herbs (no surprise)

In taste, it is quite good, I can think about anything distinctive though. Quite sweet. It is not bad, but makes me sleepy. It is probably quite working.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec
Martin Bednář

I had a nap for about a hour after the tea.

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Another thermos tea.
Honestly I do not find anything distinctive – cheap green tea with lemon notes. Simple as that. The dry tea bag had quite strong lemon flavour which kind of dissapeared while brewed.

The tea tasted good though, easy going, simple tea. No funky notes. Nothing extra.
Everyday tea.

Flavors: Hay, Lemon


Hay? yuck,.

Martin Bednář

haptiK – hay is not always yuck :) It is just bit boring :)


i will have to take your word on that :)

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Fruit flavoured green tea sounds like a winner for this morning. But first aroma noticed was rather herbal! What is wrong? Ah, apparently chamomile, hibiscus is in. Citric acid? Why? Anyway – to the tea. I brewed about 80 °C (+) water, it is green tea after all! It doesn´t want to steep at all! It does not change colour much, right now it is some weak red, rather orange. I will keep it there for bit more than suggested 5 minutes.

Aroma – as I said, herbal, now getting some arficial notes of pomergranate, oranges and raspberrries. But it is so artificial I am getting a headache from it. Chamomile in backgroud, and still really strong.

In taste it is metallic, with little fruit notes. No green tea! It is in even? Tart, but not from pomergranate. Everything so weak. Raspberries? Where? Maybe one for whole batch? Matcha? Nonewhere! Even liquor is clear! This iis queer. Chamomile and hibiscus so dominating, fruit notes almost nonewhere and no green tea. I wonder if it is even in.

Not a winner, just plain NAH! Bit better than Arizona I had two months ago, as this was not so sweet. By derk. Thank you experience of good and worse teas. This is unfortunately second group.

Flavors: Artificial, Herbs, Metallic, Orange, Raspberry

180 °F / 82 °C 6 min, 0 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

Ha, I might have sent this off to you before I tried it for myself, otherwise I wouldn’t have included it! Btw, I haven’t been able to access my messages, but I received your package. Thank you so much! I like that you included your own herbal tea.

Martin Bednář

Derk: it is completely okay that you included it. It’s new for collection at least.
I am as well super happy that you receive my package! I Hope you gonna enjoy all teas. Please let me know how are they!

Mastress Alita

This is one of the worst bagged teas, by far. The flavor is just so bad.

I do like Arizona iced green tea with honey, though. I used to buy the big jugs it back in the day, when I was slowly weaning off pop. Now I just brew my own iced tea, but it made for a great “gateway” during that transition period between pop-drinking and tea-drinking.

Martin Bednář

Mastress Alita: I usually don’t mind bagged tea. I expect lower quality. And sometimes it is pleasant surprise. But as I had the experience with US tea bags they tend to be sweet.

Martin Bednář

And I make difference between tea bag and loose leaf in ratings.

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drank Bedtime by Yogi
77 tasting notes

Okay, at first I must say I am drinking a European version. Boxes look bit different, but I think ingredients won´t be. Today I had again of the weird days I am used to have recently. Nieces and nephew over. For whole week. For some reason I can´t understand, I fell anxious when they are around. Anxiety remained even when I went to University. Weird, whole day.

Anyway, came home and I needed a cup. It was evening, so of course something caffeine-free again. As they are around I can not enjoy anything in gaiwan, because I would not find good mood for that. And doing it when anxious makes me anxious even more.

The brew looks golden with quite lots of dust. Probably leaves were very crushed. In aroma I notice lavander, chamomile and bit of licorce. Quite pleasant.

When it comes to taste – it is quite minty, with some kind of aftertaste which remains. It is strange taste, like all herbs together – with spoon of honey. Cough drops maybe? Certainly it is off.

Well, I guess I will finish this cup and go to bed. I would not rate – I think today is not a day for rating. It would be strongly affected by my anxiety. I hope tomorrow is going to be a better day.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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drank Goldberry by tess tea
77 tasting notes

Another tea bag today.
Trying to relax with cup of tea today. I feel somehow tense. This blend sounds very interesting. Black tea with buckthorn and quince? Picture is misleading, certainly there is not so big leaves and not so big white/yellow flowers. All is really dust in tea bag, no big leaves there. I expected that. Few white spots are there though.

They suggest 200ml/2-3 minutes. I am going 300ml/-2 minutes. I think it is brewed, according the colour. Colour is typical, bronze/copper. Unfortunately bit dusty on te bottom. Apparently really not very fine tea. Tea bag = 1.5 grams

It smells bit like some kind of jam. Citrusy, bit of malt and sea buckthorn.

In taste it is kind of clean, quite malty tea. But the fruit brings sweetness; and honesly it is more enjoyable than I expected. I do not get any spiciness they are writing.

Boiling 1 min, 45 sec 10 OZ / 300 ML

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