Tea in Paris

Hello! I have a trip to Paris planned for the week of Christmas, and I (of course) want to hit as many tea shops as possible.

Any recommendations for must-visit tea shops or afternoon tea spots?

I’m already planning on visiting Marriage Freres, Theodor, and Fauchon.

Non-tea recommendations are also welcome!

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Dustin said

OMG, I’m so excited for you! Angelina’s has several blends of tea and is worth a visit for the dessert selection and a pot of tea. Betjeman Barton, Kusmi, Nina’s, Lupicia and Palais Des Thes have shops there (I’m not a fan of Palais). Lupicia has a blend in that location called Hatsune which is a cinnamon apricot hojicha and it’s lovely.

If you like fondue, there is a really fun fondue restaurant called Refuge des Fondus where they serve all the drinks out of glass baby bottles. Get there shortly after they open to get a seat. If you tour the catacombs I hear the private tour is worth the extra fees because you get to go in areas not open to the general tour. All the museums are great, the cemeteries are amazing… it’s a fantastic city especially for a tea lover!

Ooh wonderful! Thank you for all of the wonderful recommendations!! The fondue restaurant looks so fun.

LuckyMe said

Kusmi is a good one if you’re into flavored tea. I happened to stumble upon them at the beautiful Gare du Nord train station when I visited a few years ago. The teas I picked up from Kusmi are still my favorite Paris souvenirs!

Hope you have fun on your Paris trip and please do share any tea experiences/recommendations. Already bookmarked all of Dustin’s spots for a future trip :)

MX_jsdy said

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Have a nice trip :)

Thank you! Looking forward to reporting back after my trip :)

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